Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Falsifying Slavery … Black Woman Eloquently Shuts Naive Englishman Down (Watch)

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*On the BBC program “The Big Questions,” where host Nicky Campbell presents topics of discussion around faith and ethics, a black woman had to set one Caucasian Englishman straight after his view on slavery turned all kinds of sideways and he stated, “We are ALL descendants of slaves.”

…which was followed by an awkward apprehensive applause by some whites in the audience and possibly one black Englishwoman, who also spoke. But honestly, should have remained quiet.

Slavery was ugly. Nasty. Inhuman and horrible. Of course no human would want to be reminded that such an act could happen. Not to mention at the hands of their ancestors. BUT IT DID. And I find it absolutely amazing how Caucasians keep trying to redress the horrors of it, just because they are uncomfortable with the reminder. I mean, obviously their ancestors, the one’s who acted it out, didn’t think this shit through. What did they expect to happen in the future? Did they not expect their dirty deeds to ever see the light of day?

I wish someone would answer me this [sic].

In the video, I found it particularly interesting when the black Englishwoman, who thinks we should just “move on” states she is a “realist” when conversing with the other black Englishwoman; as if to imply she is not.

But this is how it all started.

Campbell is speaking with a black Englishwoman in the audience at the beginning of the video (scroll down to see) who says she has had to battle racism. The host then turns to a man in the audience named Daniel Hannan, an Englishman, and states, “One of the things that is of course, most egregious about this, many argue, is that the slavers at the time of abolition in 1836 I think, were paid enormous amounts of money, huge amounts paid to the slave owners, equivalent to at least $16 billion pounds today so, why shouldn’t the people who are still suffering have reparations?”

Read more and watch the intriguing video at EURThisNthat.




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