Sunday, July 3, 2022

Bill Maher to #BlackLivesMatter Activists: ‘You F*cking Idiots!’

Bill Maher

*The Black Lives Matter activist who recently crashed a Hillary Clinton fundraiser was cause for a noticeably tense back and forth on “Real Time With Bill Maher.”

During the discussion host Bill Maher touched on the incident as he slammed the activist and Black Lives Matter for aiming at Clinton, who he felt is not the racist here. In Maher’s eyes, Black Lives Matter activists are acting “purer” than everyone else. He added that a significant percentage of the supporters of Donald Trump actually disagree with the Emancipation Proclamation.

“This is where you start the battle? You f*cking idiots!,” Maher asked bewilderedly.

The hosts comments drew instant response from author Michael Eric Dyson, who argued that the Black Lives Matter movement knows Republicans “don’t give a flying damn” about their issues. From there, “Spotlight” actor Mark Ruffalo added that the BLM activists are trying to make sure the political party that’s supposed to be on their side actually follows through.

Despite Ruffalo’s opinion, Maher still had a point to reinforce as he insisted that if the activists are going to be fighting the Democrats so much and ignore the Republicans, they’re gonna end up with President Donald Trump.

At this point, things started to get a bit heated when Ruffalo mentioned that the protester at the Clinton event was the only black person there.

“Do they have to be everywhere giving you money?!” Maher asked, after which Ruffalo jumped a little.

As the discussion continued, Maher took time to complain about Ruffalo taking offense at him using the word “they.”

To see the exchange between Maher and Ruffalo, check out the video below:



  1. Well, it can be said that they kind of were idiots when the head of the Chicago BLM decided to decline AN INVITATION TO THE WHITE HOUSE TO MEET WITH THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

  2. Michael Eric Dyson gives props to Hillary, disses Obama.

    … at the end of the day, I’m rolling with HRC to the end, because I think she gives a serious indication of what’s happening in this country racially. So we can have Black Lives Matter articulating their concerns and Hilary Clinton responding to them. Better, by the way, than the occupant of the White House (Obama) and others who claim to be the friends of African American people, as well.

    So even Hillary will be a better president for black people, than Obama.

  3. F-ck Bill.

    This stupid pothead is totally out of touch. WTF does he know about black people, and our struggles? Effing butt hole.

    Go back to smoking dope, and STFU, BEYOTCH.

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