Thursday, September 29, 2022

#BlackLivesMatter At Ebony Magazine’s 30th Annual Power 100 List Gala

ebony (zendaya)

*As black issues surrounding police brutality continue to cause uproar in the nation, the hash  “#BlackLivesMatter” has created a social movement of its own amongst millennials.

Though the movement is intended to focus on the lives that are lost every day in urban communities, it has created controversy as people argue that all lives matter.

EURweb associate Kiki Ayers hit the red carpet for Ebony’s 30th Annual Power 100 list celebration to ask some of the biggest influencers in Black Hollywood their thoughts on the hash tag.

Attendees included Zendaya, Jesse Williams (“Grey’s Anatomy”), Tommy Davidson and the classic man himself Jidenna. They all spoke on the issues surrounding violence in the black community and stressed the importance of the movement.

“Black lives matter means Black Lives Matter in parentheses too,” said Jidenna, who recently won “Artist of the Year” at the 2015 BET Soul Train Awards. “Everybody has different opinions. I’m just glad that our generation is speaking up and speaking out.”

19 year-old super star Zendaya said she believes black lives matter and a lot of times people misconstrue the purpose.

“Black Lives Matter does not mean any other lives do not matter,” she said. “It just means that right now in our world, the thing that needs the attention are black lives.”

Meanwhile, legendary comedian and actor Tommy Davidson focused on the black on black crimes happening through inner cities in the nation.

“There’s a crisis in our inner cities with homicide,” said Davidson. “We’re killing each other but it would take a fool not to know if you put 100 hungry people in a room and put enough food in there for 20, you know what’s going to happen.”

Jesse Williams, who is a fan favorite with the role of Dr. Jackson Avery on ABC’s Emmy Award winning show “Grey’s Anatomy” is one of the most influential voices in the #Black Lives Matter revolution. He’s unapologetically outspoken when it comes to creating awareness and tweeting about the taken lives of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Sandra Bland.

“That’s not a controversy that’s just white supremacists pieces of garbage that are focused on being anti black,” said Williams “All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter strictly exist to push back on the lives of black people.





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