Saturday, October 1, 2022

Juan Williams: ‘#BlackLivesMatter Becoming its Own Worst Enemy’


*Ask Juan Williams for his opinion of the Black Lives Matter movement and a belief that the movement isn’t doing itself any favors may come up.

In an op-ed published online by The Hill, Williams took Black Lives Matter members to task for tactics used to deflect attention away from those gunning for the Democratic presidential nomination in an effort to shine a light on its cause

“#BlackLivesMatter is fast becoming its own worst enemy,” the Fox News contributor wrote in the op-ed, which ran on Monday (Sept. 7). “It lacks an agenda, it is antagonizing the black community’s top white political allies, including Democrats running for the party’s 2016 presidential nomination, and it is not finding common ground with any of the Republican majority in Congress.”

Further diving into his point, Williams mentioned that the “movement’s failure to get its collective act together carries real danger for the political clout of the African-American community in the 2016 elections and beyond.” With black voter turnout already expected to drop from President Barack Obama not being on the 2016 ticket, the political pundit pointed out that the recent criticism of Democratic candidates by the Black Lives Matter movement might end up hurting it more.

“When BlackLives activists denounce the Democratic National Committee for issuing a resolution in support of police reform, they are hurting themselves with party officials. When they say that all political parties try to ‘control or contain’ black liberation, they are also damaging faith in the political system, especially among young people,” Williams wrote, adding that the movement’s interruption of candidates only serves as a way to ultimately alienate potential allies in its cause.

Although Democrats have been the recent focus of Black Lives Matter, Williams’ criticism expanded to in to Republican waters as he found fault with the movement for not reaching out to Republicans, such as Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) . According to, Paul has been a longstanding proponent of criminal justice reform.

“If change is the goal, where is the alliance with the senator?” Williams asked while alluding to what Black Lives Matter could become if its efforts were more “constructive.”

“It has been said that politicians see the light once they feel the heat,” he wrote. “If only the energy and passion of #BlackLivesMatter protesters could be harnessed in something constructive rather than destructive.”




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