Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Captured Emanuel AME Shooter Dylann Roof to Witness: ‘I Want to Shoot Black People’

Dylann Roof mugshot from a past arrest

*Dylann Roof, the 21-year-old man suspected of killing nine people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church last night in Charleston, South Carolina, was captured during a traffic stop in Shelby, N.C., Charleston Police Chief Gregory Mullen said at a news conference.

Shelby police received a tip about a suspicious car in the area and arrested Roof without incident as he was driving northbound, Mullen added.

“I am so pleased that we were able to resolve this case quickly … so that nobody else is harmed by this individual who obviously committed a tragic, heinous crime in the city of Charleston,” Mullen said.

The Charleston PD and the Department of Justice are investigating the mass killing as a hate crime.

The DOJ’s Civil Rights Division will work with the FBI and local U.S. Attorney’s Office, as part of an investigation parallel with the state’s probe, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Thursday morning.

Watch below:

Multiple outlets report the shooter attended the church’s Bible study Wednesday night for an hour before he opened fire.

Among the six female and three male victims was the church’s pastor, Rev. Clementa Pinckney, who was also a state senator. There were three survivors.

Rev. Clementa Pickney
Rev. Clementa Pickney

Sylvia Johnson, a cousin of Rev. Pinckney, tells MSNBC that one of the survivors told her the suspect was able to reload five times, and that the survivor’s son begged the shooter to reconsider what he was doing.

“I have to do it,” the suspect was alleged to have said. Johnson said the suspect further told parishioners he was there because, “I want to shoot black people,” and that blacks are “raping our women and taking over our country. You have to go.”

Dot Scott, president of the Charleston NAACP, told South Carolina newspaper, the Post and Courier, that a female survivor recounted to family members how the gunman told her he was letting her go so she could tell everyone what happened.

Watch below:

In the picture below, Dylann is seen wearing patches of the Rhodesian flag and the South African flag used during apartheid, which are both said to be akin to the Confederate flag and considered racist symbols.

Dylann Roof
Dylann Roof (Facebook)

In a statement, NAACP President Cornell William Brooks said, “There is no greater coward than a criminal who enters a house of God and slaughters innocent people engaged in the study of scripture.”


A federal law enforcement official, who was not authorized to speak publicly, earlier told The Los Angeles Times that it appeared from the above surveillance images that the gunman may have been wearing a wig and a fake nose, and may even have dyed part of his skin.

The official also noted that the man was wearing a heavy sweatshirt on an extremely warm day in Charleston, and may have been dressed like that to hide a firearm. The shooter also appeared to be carrying a small backpack over his right shoulder which could have contained a weapon and ammunition as well.

While the manhunt intensified Thursday, Roof’s uncle told Reuters that he recognized the man in the surveillance photo as his nephew.

“The more I look at him, the more I’m convinced that’s him,” said Carson Cowles, 56.

Cowles told Reuters that authorities were at Roof’s home, and that his nephew had been given a .45-caliber handgun from his father for his birthday in April.



  1. I can’t wait to go home and learn all he details of how he was taken.

    Judging from the recent arrests of blacks who hardly committed any crime and he severity of this crime, I’m assuming that he was held in a choke hold like Eric Garner, kneaded on the ground by three cops like Freddy Grey and his hands sprained from being bent behind his back as the 15 year old girl in McKinney.
    All in all, I’m expecting this perp to be suffering from multiple injuries resulting from the arrest.
    I would be shocked otherwise.

  2. 1st…..I don’t wanna hear a GD thang, about this fka having.:::”mental issues”, FK that!!! So…We as “Black” people “in America” & put through EVERYthang!!!!, are NEVer given the “alternative explanation” of having mental/social OR economic problems…EVer!!! But…the MILIsecond an “advantage all his fkn life having” “White Boy” get’s busted?, every fkn “therapist” is ‘on fkn SPEED DIAL, to cover up or explaaaaaain away the “OBVIOUS DEMONIC CHARACTER” OF that said “WHITE” purp! And check it…..do yall know how UN God fearing & just fkn EVIL!!!!, you have to be, to “be inside a church”!!!, “WORSHIP WITH”!!!! & then MURDER ….”SENIOR CITIZENS”!!! AND THEIR PASTOR”???!!!!!!! Well I’ll tell how evil…..as evil as his dumb lazy ancestors were, to KILL THE NATIVE AMERICANS WHO TAUGHT THEM HOW TO FKN….”SURVIVE”!!!!! Hashtag….”Demon DNA”!! So now I ask ANY “one”!!!!, of this site’s resident “Rightwing Propoganda Pimps”, to explain to everyone…..”how/WHY do “We”/Black people who are doing NOTHing but….”standing still, running, holding Skittles & tea, riding the train, celebrating a next day wedding, shopping in Walmart, walking down the street or BEING A “12yr OLD” PLAYING IN A FKN PUBLIC PARK”!!!!!, “we”, “We”….”WE”!!???, are SHOT DEAD …BY POLICE!!!! BUT???!!!, “this” lil lilly White punkass racist bytch & every OTHER “WHITE “GUILTY” & “STRAPPED” MURDERING CRIMINAL!!!???, “walks away UN harmed & is ALLOWED TO “LIVED”!!!!, & are granted “due processing”? I’m sayin…..how big does this fkn “elephant” have to GET??!!, b4 this ZOO is….torn down??!! And watch!!, not ONE of these Rightwing asshole anchors/reporters “denounce” this krazy crackah!!!, NOT “ONE”!!! will denounce “him” or any OTHER thing that’s blatantly wrong with America, & that’s b/c?, the guilty party’s ….LOOK….LIKE…..”THEM”!!!!!! So again….FK the denial, FK the hypocrisy & FK ANYthang these resident racists have to post, b/c even when they tryyyyyyy to come off “objective n shyt”?, they’re simply….lyin, playin possum until they can “spin shyt”!! JUST as ‘on the prior thread of this story (that was taken down today!) they fiiiiiiiind a fkd up way to blame…..”Obama”! DaFK?? On “this” story?, this sensitive NON political tragic tragic massacre!!!, they (Reds!) once again shows their STUpid ass racist …”true colors”, & makes it a political football for “their” premeditated troll agenda. So….I don’t reeeeeeally expect these BYTches to “grow a pair”, be honest or admit their BS. I’ll just continue to put that ass ‘on blast, when they “show”, their stupid ass! Now… “BET dat!! , “”write DAT down”!! (R.Isley!) Fkn ignorant stupid ass racist BIGots is all. Again FK you….”colored perrrrrrrsonnnnnn”. Ps….& I hope/KNOW you’re seeing “Red” & that’s goooood & I DGAMF! DaFOH!

      • Hey lady!:-) Naaaaaw “they” get it, they’ll just “act like”….they don’t. Hashtag…”weakness seeking refuge in…”conscious” denial & blindness”! But hey….”nothing new”! Wink!


      • Hey Sis, wish these were “better circumstances to retort. 🙁 But yeah….I’m SO sick of the denial & blatant MISdirection of responsibility & GUILT!!! From the Rightwing Propoganda BS News Channels (radio AND TV!) to these greedy lyin soulless politicians! These mofos reeeeeally need to like….I don’t know…..be “strapped in a chair”, in a fkn room, & made to watch a marathon of their own…BS, until they “SEE” their own….BS!!! Then?, a whole lotta MOE White people gotta be thurr ‘on CITE!!, to reiterate the shyt they just saw …..is real!!!! Then ask them?…..if yall think of yourselves as “patriots” & agree that the errors of this country’s past “ARE” the “errors” of this country’s past?, then….”WTF are yall so willing & eager to REPEAT them”??!! This done with a SLUE of therapist standing by, of course. (Pause) But for real!!…..this psychosis of a MAJor transference of “THEIR” insecurity/inferiority complex?, has gotta….fkn…..GO!!! And the power of conditioning in this thang?, is extreeeeeemely underestimated!!!! The racist White purps are allowed to stay in denial AND in “action”, b/c the OTHER Whites have silently benefitted “FROM” these racist actions!!, & have been brainwashed into believing ….”White” is always….”clean”. And then We?, have been desensitized, controlled & “manipulated by Our faith”, to remain “passive & forgiving”, two things Our enemies NEVer feel regarding Us!!! And so….We continue to “march”, instead of STANDING THE FK UP!!!, & DEMANDING/TAKING OUR RESPECT! And….We keep asking/expecting those with the power, to suddenly become “generous” & share?? WT…??!! Yo….NO one expects their enemy to “get tired of BEeeeeing” their enemy, & suddenly have a….”change of heart” BUT….Us!!! SMH! And NO enemy respects their target, until that target ….FIGHTS BACK! And We?….have YET to do “that”. And even after all these killings/murders?, Our so called “leaders” have basically been ‘on “mute” & haven’t offered ONE damn plan or solution!!! Hashtag….”Gatekeepers”! (Pause!) So….until we can muster up some GD solidarity, & KICK OUT the leaders/spokespersons of our culture, that “We” NEVer EVer choose for ourSELVES??!!, We AND this country will continue to walk around this “ignorant graveyard”, until We ALL are….dead. Hashtag?…social/political/historical/hypocritical ..”suicide”. SSMH!

  3. And I predicted he wouuuuuuuld “walk away alive”, too!! SMGDH! But now?, oh but nooooow ALL “the homies” g’on have a fkn BALL!!!, put’n his lil ass ‘on …..”my bytch patrol”!!! Lil bytch will not last a fkn night!, like all these COPS wouldn’t eeeeeeeithah, if they were alone & without a fkn….badge. Hashtag?…”weak, punk BYTches ain’t shyt”!!!

  4. If some of us don’t wake out of stupor after this, I don’t know what it will take for us to recognize what we are up against in this country. I hope all of those so-called ‘gangbangers’ are paying attention to this travesty. Law abiding, churchgoing black folks gunned down for being black, while gangbangers fight each other over ‘colors’. I don’t know what else to say except that this guy is a piece of garbage and he should get a 9 life sentences for every life he took. Death is too good for this monster. And yeah, that ‘sanity’ defense won’t work either. Ask the other serial killer, James Holmes how that’s working out for him!

  5. If my post sounds disjointed, it is. I’m just so through with this b.s. Here it is, these people welcomed in him in a house of God and he guns them down like animals. It’s so hard not feel enraged.

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