Friday, September 30, 2022

Leo Terrell Storms Off ‘Hannity’ Over Crazy Walter Scott Comments (Watch)

leo turrell leaves hannity

*A Sean Hannity panel on the South Carolina shooting death of Walter Scott went off the rails Thursday when civil rights attorney Leo Turrell stormed off set in disgust over another panelist’s comments.

“Americans have overreacted,” said black conservative Jesse Lee Peterson, regarding the Walter Scott shooting, suggesting it is similar to the Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin cases. “I don’t think Americans understand how angry and brainwashed these young black folks are.”

Itching to be heard, Terrell told Hannity, “You better come to me or I’m gone…I’m not going to sit here and listen to this hate.”

Terrell yelled, “It is against the law for any officer to shoot an unarmed man in the back,” but was cut off by Peterson.

“I’m done, I’m done!” Terrell said as he stormed off set.

“That’s too bad: Leo’s a little coward,” Peterson said when Hannity told him Terrell had bounced.

Watch below:



  1. Let’s see if “Americans are over acting” if it were your son or grandson being gunned down, while unarmed! Then what, would you say?

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