Monday, May 23, 2022

New Zealand Fans Are Upset with Ciara for 10-Minute Concert; Demand Refunds

Ciara*Fans are furious at Ciara and are demanding refunds for a skeet 10-minute performance at Ilam Fields in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The “Goodies” singer performed a few of her hits before walking offstage. Fans paid between $45 and $55 to see her. The VIP meet-and-greet cost some concert-goers $110.

Initially, she was supposed to perform indoors at The Foundry, but due to these tickets prices, the concert moved outdoors at Ilam   Fields. Nevertheless, it didn’t last long, and fans took to social media.

”I was very disappointed with what happened,” a fan said on social media.”I would like a full refund. The concert was due to finish at 10pm according to tickets and the headlining act was on for five minutes at 11pm.”

But Ciara wasn’t just going to let fans vent about the short concert experience. She took to social media to defend the small performance, according to Sister 2 Sister

“They said curfew and cut off the DJ. I was just as surprised as you, and truly disappointed!” she said. “There were a few other things out of my control as well.”

Matty Peilua from the Australian touring agency Ginnen Group posted on the event’s Facebook page and issued an apology for the incident.

“The event team wish to apologize for the events which took place last night, although it was outside of our control we are truly sorry. We, like you, are disappointed that the headline act was unable to perform as we had been assured they would from the booking agent,” Peilua wrote.

Peilua added, ”please be assured that we did everything we could from our end to try [to] make the show still go on. We are not going to blame anyone or any one thing, we will simply say that we are as disappointed as everyone else.”



  1. Ciara has hits?????? considering she cannot sing a darn BUT then again that has not stopped people like Rihanna and Ashanti so go figure. I know I would not pay a dime to see any of them perform

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