Saturday, July 2, 2022

Tyler Perry, Cissy Houston Visit Bobbi Kristina; Candlelight Vigil Planned

tyler perry - bobbi kristina - twitter
Tyler Perry visits Bobbi Kristina (Twitter | @cbs46)

*Hopefully another visit from Tyler Perry will somehow make a difference in the Bobbi Kristina situation.

On Sunday, the entertainment mogul paid a visit to Emory University Hospital where Bobbi Kristina is hospitalized on life support, People reported.

In fact, it was Perry who gave Bobby Brown a ride to Atlanta from LA to be with his daughter, Bobbi Kristina. They both rushed to her bedside after landing.

Perry wasn’t Bobbi Kristina’s only visitor as her grandmother, Cissy Houston, showed up as well.

Bobby Brown remains hopeful that she will pull out of this by miracle of prayer. As we previously reported, doctors have already said there’s nothing more they can do.

Meanwhile, it appears that a public vigil has been planned for Monday in Riverdale, Ga., according to posts on Facebook and Twitter by her cousin Jerod Brown:

bobbi kristina candlelight vigil



  1. I will post this again!!…”.the stage may be set for a “drug OD” etc…?, but Moros need to check her system for…”succinylcholine”!!! I watch criminal shows like Law & Order and CSI, it kills & leaves NO trace, if not looked for/discovered within…”48hrs.”!!i know it’s way past “that” duration “now”?, but I hope the family wasn’t too caught up in the moment/panic of the incident & SOMEbody was watched “crime tv” too ‘on it”!!!

  2. To me, something in the water ain’t clean and it goes back to that so-called ‘husband’ and the ‘ex-boyfriend’. I’m glad Bobby is getting the police in Atlanta to find out exactly what happened in that house. I will keep this young lady in my thoughts and prayers. I really feel bad for Bobby and the family.

  3. My prayer’s go out to both sides of the family and I have been praying for that baby god bless the Houston’s and the brown family

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