Friday, May 27, 2022

Dawn Richard Tells Real Reason She Hit Aubrey O’Day in the Head (Watch)

dawn richard,*It’s been nearly six months since Danity Kane broke up yet again… due to behind-the-scenes drama. Dawn Richard has finally clarified why she punched Aubrey O’Day in the head on “The Breakfast Club.

“This is how I feel about it. Any team, anything you play in, from football, basketball, everybody has a role,” she said. “A quarterback cannot decide tomorrow to say I’m gonna be a wide receiver.”

She added, “he might be a really good runner, but at the end of the day, when it’s time to get this championship ring, everybody has to play a part. The problem with Danity Kane is everybody wanted to play everybody’s role.”

When she discovered O’Day doing shady business in the studio behind her back, she lost it — having been “pushed to the limit.”

“I have been very good about holding my ground. I had a role to play in this group, everybody did,” she said. “When something is poisoning you go into the studio, and people are literally going behind your back and lying to you, and taking your vocals and doing things that are shady, that’s foul.”

Richard left the group for a week to tend to family matters. Her grandmother passed away, and she found out her father has cancer.

But when she returned she was supposed to add her vocals and ad-libs to a track they have been working on. She was told the recording session will be the following day, but then she walked in on the group recording without her.

“I walked in on them doing it. I tried to confront them … I blacked out … I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “It wasn’t even a big ball out fight, it was like I was angry. Then I stopped, realized what I did. She [Aubrey] called the police.”

A battery report was filed, but O’Day didn’t file any charges against Richard. Danity Kane released its final album, “DK3,” on Tuesday, Oct. 28, 2014. Richard’s newest solo effort, “Blackheart” is available now on iTunes.

Watch the interview below:




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