Sunday, October 2, 2022

Bobby Kristina Update: She’s Moved to Emory Hospital; Families Feuding

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*Here’s the latest on Bobbi Kristina Brown.

According to family sources, she has been moved to Emory Hospital in Atlanta from North Fulton Hospital in Roswell, GA near her home where she was found face down in a bathtub Saturday. Emory, if you didn’t know, is said to be one of the top facilities for neurological problems

Also, there’s additional drama involving the families of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. TMZ is reporting that the hospital change/move could intensify a brewing feud between the families. Supposedly they are bickering over who gets access to the part of the hospital where Bobbi Kristina is receiving treatment.

As one source put it:

“The Houston family is sick of the Brown family acting up, as they always do.”



  1. Personally, the Houston family, need to step aside and stop interfering with Bobby and his daughter Kristina. Bobby, is more togather , than they really give him credit for. Who they need to kick, to the curve is that money grabbing Pat Houston, sister/law, to the late Whitney. There is something very fishy about her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is the next in line beneficiary, to get Bobbi Kristina, money, in case of her death. If I was Cissy Houston, and Bobby Brown, I would stop feuding with each other, and stop, and take a very serious look at the big picture here. Praying for Bobbi Kristina and family, Peace be still

    • I was thinking the same exact thing Thst ain’t Pat is something else she’s is not to be trusted she’s in it for the money and whatever else that’s avaliable Bobbi Brown Sn is her father and there’s nothing they can do about it that is his daughter let him be with his daughter like a father should that’s this only living parent she has left they the Houston family doesn’t have more rights then him the Houston’s never take blame or share blame is always somebody else faults they are something else.

    • Tyler Perry is helping Bobby so I am sure he will lend his legal team to him. Tyler Perry believes in family . If he does not help him, the Houstons will bar him from anything that happens like before. Bobby needs to shut them down . If Bobby was as bad as they always say , why is he still here ? I think he just a strong willed person .If the Houstons don’t back down, I think they will be left on the outside looking in . God doesn’t like ugly and they have dogged Bobby forever .

  2. It’s Bobbys daughter so he should have access 2 her and say so over her treatment. The Houston family should stand down on this matter. He’s her last legal guardian living so leave the man alone sn DC let him take care of his baby girl. All that arguing and bickering and shit ain’t helping this baby. Houston family should STFU

    • The Houston’s really pisses me off always interfering especially that aunt Pat always wanna run things always in everybody way Bobbie Brown her father WtH is wrong with them Everytime he’s does comes around he has to go through some kind of hell with them Houston’s trying to control his father relaintionship with his daughter that’s the only living parent she has left leave him alone dam while there bickering arguning babygirl Bobbi Kristina Brown is fighting for her life that should be the main focus here not all that confusion the Houston’s can’t put there dam differences aside for once my goodness let Bobbi Kristina Brown pulled through all that drama isn’t helping nothing it’s. Just added more stress and aggravation to the issue at hand just ridiculous oh figure.

    • Yep. I agree. Bobby is going to take care of his baby girl, or they “the Houstons” will see his bad side come out for real.

  3. Pat always seem so controlling. That’s probably why Bobbi kept her distance from her once she was old enough. The Browns have authority so the Houstons need to fall back.

  4. Every Little Step Bobby should be doing now is all over those Houstons. I still have a problem with Pat and husband Gary. That is how the crazy began.

  5. They’re still trying to come off holier than thou!!! Have several seats Houston family. They have had the most access and influence on this young lady (she’s not a baby), yet they have done nothing to help her. Just like with Whitney, they did nothing to help her, nothing but BLAME BOBBY FOR EVERYTHING, even after he left the relationship. The one thing they have stayed consistent in doing is acting as though the problem is non existent, and when it comes out its any one else’s fault, just not theirs.

  6. let go and let God take controlled God his the last say so. Please let peace be in both family. Bobbie have say so over his daughter he is the living father and the only one. God u know what best

  7. I’m glad people are opening up their eyes and seeing that everything is not Bobby Brown’s fault. He’s been unfairly dogged out by folks who accused of killing whitney and aiding her in her addictions. Come to find out, it was Whitney’s own brother that got Whitney into drugs. I’m not saying Bobby is a saint but I really do believe he is a good father to his children. I’m glad he is now stepping in and people realized that Whitney’s family is not on the up and up. I’m wondering where is Cissy or Dionne in all of this?

  8. I guess we are all on the same page and same mind. Yep yep, that Pat Houston seems sketchy sketchy to say the least. I’m on Team Bobby Brown myself. Yes, he has really turned his life around.seems like and I know he loves Krissy. That Pat Houston should know that ” God never sleeps”. If she is that concerned about the health & welfare of Krissy, she would not be concentrating on the hatred, $$$$ and who aint good for Kris at a time like this. Even in a coma people can hear stuff, so I hope none of them are saying anything negative, but praying fervently for her healing.

  9. Well, let me add to the consensus. The Houston’s need to back off and let Bobby handle things regarding HIS daughter. It’s his Prerogative.

  10. Bickering is all you hear every-time the Houston name is mentioned. Pray for the young ladys healing and stop getting restraining orders to keep this one and that one away. If she was with the young lad whether he was her play brother or not, it’s her choice. We may not agree with it but it wasn’t anyone’s decision. To bar him from being with her is wrong. He was their when this all went down and he ought to yet be able to be their, both he and her father. Most families can come together during tragedy but not these folks. They need to back off, pray and wait and see what God does.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s time for the Houston family, mainly Pat Houston, needs to take several seats, with tape over her mouth.

  11. I most certainly agree with everyone else. The Houston family need to fall back. BK has a husband, even though he ain’t about s××t, he is still her husband and ultimately, if something happens or she need anything it will be his say so whether it is done or not. Bobby Brown is her Father ain’t should have every right as such. It don’t make sense to bicker and fight while this young woman is fighting for her life. Maybe if Pat and Gary Houston was banned from the hospital there would be no more bickering. Pat Houston need to sit her tail down and stop being so messy with her wannabe important a$$.

  12. @ Mrs C. I heard on ENews yesterday that Bobby confirmed that she and Nick are not and have never been married.

    • That is true, there is no marriage between them. Her dad, while under all this pressure, checked right into that. For the sake of legal rights of his baby care. The states, if there is no legal spouse, or written will stating that X, Y, Z, is in charge of an adults care in case you cannot speak for yourself. The parents, are parent biological, have all rights, to call legal shots of care.Brother Bobby Brown, is in charge of Bobby Kristina, care, no one else. The Houston, family, got Bobby twisted, thinking he didn’t have sense to know this. But No, Bobby, is in control of her health choices. And wouldn’t be surprise if he and his attorneys, are working on shutting Pay Houston, down, taking control of his daughters finances, and sealing down her home from all those money hungry thieves. The Houston’s, are very shady people. We only see and hear the outside truths, but God knows behind those closed doors, all hell brakes loose. Oh trust, the truth will surface soon. The Houston Family, has truly pushed the wrong button on this with Bobby. He is being very cool, my hat goes off to him for that. He is dealing with his daughters care first. But those Houston’s, has not seen trouble, yet. If they are as holy, as they claim, they had better start praying for Jesus, to be on the mainline. They will truly, need Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, and more of the twelve disciples. Praying for Bobby and family strength during this time.#Ijs

  13. If BK is not actually married to Gordon?(the boy that was fostered or adopted by Whitney), then it’s Bobby’s call and care for his daughter.

    Bobby needs to band those ppl- he doesn’t want at Bobbi’s bedside or in the waiting room.
    Bobby can list only the names he wants to visit BK.. this will eliminate all this DRAMA (colored folks) acting up .. educated african americans know how to conduct shelf as in support- in such a sensitive situation.

    Bobby get control..eliminate those colored folks causing drama on BOTH sides of the family and focus totally on the care of your daughter..

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