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Stephen A. Smith Claims He’s Unpaid Compared to White Colleagues | Video

*Stephen A. Smith said on a recent broadcast of ESPN’s “First Take” that racism is the reason he is underpaid with a $12 million annual salary.  Smith claims his earnings as a broadcaster and media personality are well below that of his white colleagues. “We are still black in this country,” Smith said ahead of […]

Stephen A. Smith Wants Omari Hardwick or Michael B. Jordan To Play Him In A Biopic

Stephen A Smith (Getty)

*ESPN contributor Stephen A. Smith is set to release his memoir next year titled “Straight Shooter: A Memoir of Second Chances and First Takes.” Per Amazon: “In Straight Shooter, Smith writes about the greatest highs and deepest lows of his life and career. He gives his thoughts on Skip Bayless, Ray Rice, Colin Kaepernick, the […]

Stephen A. Smith: Ime Udoka Cheating Issue Should NOT Have Been Made Public by Celtics

Stephen A Smith (Getty)

*Boston Celtics Coach Ime Udoka’s infidelity shouldn’t have been talked about in the media, according to ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith. During a sit-down with “#TheBreakfastClub,” Smith opened up about his views on Ime Udoka’s suspension from the renowned #NBA team and why he believes that the issue should’ve been kept under wraps. If you didn’t […]

Stephen A. Smith Reacts to Ime Udoka Controversy, Slams the Celtics | Watch

Stephen A Smith - Getty

*Stephen A. Smith has weighed in on the controversy surrounding Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka for having a consensual, intimate relationship with a woman who is a member of the team’s staff.  Smith reacted to the situation during an ESPN broadcast on Thursday’s First Take, noting that there are plenty of white men in […]

Stephen A. Smith Blasted for Being an ‘Uncle Tom’ After Kyrie Irving Rant

Stephen A Smith (Getty)

*Former NBA player Stephon Marbury blasted Stephen A. Smith for being an “Uncle Tome” after Smith’s rant about Kyrie Irving on ESPN’s “First Take” last week. “We are witnessing one of the most delusional athletes in American history,” Smith said about Kyrie.  Marbury responded, “We are witnessing one of the biggest uncle Tom’s on the […]

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Against Colin Kaepernick NFL Comeback | WATCH

Stephen A Smith- screenshot

*Stephen A. Smith doesn’t want to hear anything about Colin Kaepernick‘s new attempts to rejoin the NFL. Smith says he is sick and tired of hearing about it. “…utter nonsense. I’m sick of it,” Smith said in an episode of his ESPN show “First Take.” Kaepernick is reportedly desperate to join NFL to the point […]

Stephen A. Smith on Rise to Stardom, Late Mom & More on ‘The Pivot Podcast’ | WATCH

Stephen A Smith (on 'The Pivot Podcast')

*NEW YORK – Never one to hold back an opinion, Stephen A. Smith shared his thoughts on numerous topics, from James Harden partying to taking over “First Take” from Skip Bayless, during a stirring conversation on the latest episode of “The Pivot Podcast” with the show’s co-hosts and former NFL stars Ryan Clark, Channing Crowder […]

Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo Slams Stephen A. Smith for Praising Steph Curry [VIDEO]

Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo and Stephen A. Smith

*SiriusXM radio host Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo joined Stephen A. Smith Wednesday on ESPN’s “First Take” and the two got into a screaming match over NBA star Steph Curry.  Russo went ballistic when Smith said Curry is among the top 10 NBA players of all time. “No he’s not! Are you kidding me?!?” Russo yelled […]

Jalen Rose and Molly Qerim to Divorce + Is Stephen A Movin’ on Molly? | VIDEOs

Jalen Rose - Stephen A Smith - Molly Qerim

“And so, castles made of sand melt into the sea, eventually…” Jimi Hendrix The downside about having a public relationship is that, when things are over, everybody believes they deserve an explanation as to why things didn’t work. That’s the dilemma ESPN analyst Jalen Rose and Molly Qerim, an ESPN media personality, find themselves in. […]