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Stacey Dash Dismisses Relapse Allegations – Confirms Over 7 Years of Sobriety | VIDEO

Stacey Dash Dispels Relapse Talk
Stacey Dash

*Stacey Dash, a name synonymous with the iconic role of Dionne in “Clueless,” has recently become a beacon of hope and resilience for many. At 57, she celebrated eight years of sobriety in a heartfelt TikTok video, where she addressed and shut down critics speculating that she had relapsed. In the video, Dash glowed with pride and joy, emphasizing her continued journey of sobriety.

“Wow. Thank you so much for all of your concern. I just want to say that I am doing brilliantly. I am 7 years and 9 months clean. Yay!” she shared enthusiastically. Her message resonated with many, especially those battling similar struggles. “I hope by doing this, I help somebody else. ‘Cause I know the struggle’s real.”

Dash has been candid about her tumultuous past, first opening up about her struggles with addiction in a 2016 interview. The revelations were both shocking and heart-wrenching.

She recounted how both her parents were substance abusers, and in a particularly harrowing moment, disclosed that her own mother gave her a line of cocaine at just 16 years old. This early exposure led Dash down a dark path of addiction, one that she fought against for years.

Her turning point came with the birth of her son, Austin Williams, in 1991. The responsibility of motherhood gave Dash the strength and determination to pursue sobriety. However, the journey was far from smooth. In 2021, Dash faced a significant setback when she was prescribed Vicodin by her doctor. The prescription spiraled into a dangerous habit, with Dash admitting to taking up to 20 pills a day.

@official.staceydashI’m going to start sharing more about my recovery journey and what I do to stay healthy (mind, body and spirit) I hope that my story can help someone who might be struggling right now. God bless.♬ original sound – Stacey Dash

Despite this relapse, Dash’s story is one of perseverance. She managed to reclaim her sobriety, and her recent TikTok video was a testament to her enduring strength. When critics pointed to a recent video where she appeared excessively sweaty, speculating another relapse, Dash was quick to clarify. “I had just got done working out,” she explained, debunking the rumors with her characteristic candor.

Moving forward, Dash is committed to being more transparent about her past battles with addiction and the continuous journey of recovery. She believes in the transformative power of honesty and hopes to inspire others by sharing her story. “My mind, body, and spirit have been transformed,” she stated, inviting her supporters to follow her on this journey of healing and self-discovery, according to Vibe.

Stacey Dash’s journey is a powerful reminder of the strength of the human spirit. Her openness about her struggles and triumphs provides a beacon of hope for many facing similar battles, proving that with resilience and support, overcoming even the darkest of times is possible.


♬ original sound – Stacey Dash

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