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Tami Roman Reveals She Was ‘Betrayed’ by ‘Basketball Wives’ Producers

Tami Roman
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*Tami Roman has revealed the real reason why she left “Basketball Wives” after 8 seasons on the reality show.

Speaking recently on Carlos King’s “Reality With The King” podcast, Roman said she felt “betrayed” by show producers Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O’Neal. She also described BBW as being toxic behind the scenes, Urban Hollywood 411 reports. 

“It always had to be ‘Tami started it,’ because Shaunie and Evelyn started this franchise together, so the loyalty from the production company and the executive producers was to them. A lot of things were shown out of order, if you understand what I am saying,” Tami told host Carlos King.

Tami went on to say that Shaunie deliberately edited her scenes in a way to make her look bad. She recalled a cast trip in 2012 during which she had an argument with Kesha Nichols. But the episode was edited to make it seem like Kesha was bullied by Tami. 

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Basketball Wives cast

“I absolutely felt betrayed by that,” Tami said of the epsidoe. “As soon as we touched down for that cast trip, Shaunie showed me all the BTS [behind the scenes] footage of Kesha just ripping me to shreds, so like you say ‘little docile Kesha.’ No, that’s not the case,” she continued. 

“What happened was, f–k it now, at the time Kesha was involved with one of our show’s producers. So, instead of airing the footage the way it really happened, so that you could tell a real story, they cut out everything that made Kesha look like the bad guy and only left all the stuff that Tami did, which is why I felt betrayed by Shaunie,” Roman explained.

“That girl knew what happened in the scene,” Tami said about Kesha. “She let people run with that narrative and it was difficult for me.”

Roman also explained that her tension with Evelyn stemmed from the fact that Evelyn failed to disclose early on that she had been sleeping with Tami’s ex-husband, Kenny Anderson.

“It’s like, ‘Damn. So you really weren’t my friend, because you knew this and you didn’t tell me.’ But the fact that she slept with him was nothing to me, because f–k it, everybody had slept with Kenny,” she said.

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