Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Vanessa Bryant Testifies She Tried to Take Helicopter to Kobe Crash Site on Same Day

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Vanessa Bryant & Kobe Bryant

*Vanessa Bryant revealed in a deposition how she learned about the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, and their daughter Gigi. Vanessa said she tried to take a helicopter to the crash site that day but was told that the weather conditions were too bad.

According to USA Today, in the transcript Vanessa said she kept the clothes that Kobe and Gigi were wearing that day, out of concern that someone would take pictures of them.

The deposition from Oct. 12 is part of her lawsuit against LA county. Vanessa is pissed at several officers because they took photos of the site and shared the images. She is suing the county for invasion of privacy and negligence. She wants to punish the deputy defendants and “make an example of them to the community.”

Under questioning, Vanessa testified how she learned of the crash.
She said a family assistant knocked on the door around 11:30 a.m. that day, almost two hours after the crash happened at about 9:45 a.m.

“She told me that there was an accident and that there were five survivors,” Vanessa testified. “And I asked her if Gianna and Kobe were okay. And she said she wasn’t sure. She didn’t know.”

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Vanessa Bryant and Kobe

She said that she rushed to an airport to try to take a helicopter to the crash scene, but was told that weather conditions weren’t good.

In her deposition, Vanessa said she pleaded with the Los Angeles County sheriff to make sure no one took photographs from the crash site.

‘And I said: “If you can’t bring my husband and baby back, please make sure that no one takes photographs of them. Please secure the area,”‘ Vanessa.

‘And he said: “I will.” And I said: “No, I need you to get on the phone right now and I need you to make sure you secure the area.”‘

‘The impact of the helicopter crash was so damaging, I just don’t understand how someone can have no regard for life and compassion, and, instead, choose to take that opportunity to photograph lifeless and helpless individuals for their own sick amusement,’ she said.

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