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Tommy Davidson on Being Abandoned as a Baby and Left to Die ‘In the Trash’ [VIDEO]

*Tommy Davidson opens up to TV One’s “Uncensored” about his troubled childhood and being abandoned by his birth mother. 

In a preview clip, the standup comedian and actor reflects on being adopted by a white civil rights activist after being “abandoned in the trash.”

“I actually was abandoned in the trash in 1966, in Mississippi, and she found me,” he says about the woman who adopted him.

“She had gone down there with her husband to do some immunization and some voting drives during the civil rights movement,” he explains. “They were teachers at Colorado State. They went down there and they were working with my natural mother.”

Watch the preview clip below.

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When the couple returned to Mississippi a year later and attempted to visit his birth mother, they discovered she had left her home and her baby behind.

“She saw a pile of trash outside of the house,” Davidson said about his adoptive mother. “Something told her to look under this tire that was on top of the trash. When she moved the tire, she saw my foot. She uncovered the trash and there I was, starved. I had contusions on my skull. I was in a coma. I was 18 months.

Baby Tommy spent two months in the hospital, before being released to the woman who would later adopt him. Duing his Uncensored episode, he unpacks the racism and struggles he faced growing up in a white family. 

Uncensored Tommy Davidson” airs on Sunday, Sept. 12 at 10PM ET/PT.

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