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Curtis Jackson: ‘BMF’ Doesn’t Glorify Drug Culture – The Guy’s Sitting In Jail!

‘BMFs’ Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson (Executive Producer), Randy Huggins (Showrunner, Executive Producer), Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr. (Meech Flenory), Da’Vinchi  (Terry Flenory), Russell Hornsby (Charles Flenory), Michole Briana White (Lucille Flenory)

*Starz’s upcoming drama, “BMF/Black Mafia Family” is inspired by the true story of two brothers – Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory and Terry “Southwest” Flenory – from Detroit who birthed one of the most influential crime families in America.

Thursday (08/19/21) at the Television Critics Association’s Summer Press Tour, “Black Mafia Family” executive producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson informed journalist Jeanne Wolf the eight episode series isn’t about glorifying drug dealers.

“We love to watch the guys with the guns, jewelry and clothes…but they’re drug dealers. Are we creating heroes young people can follow…or are we sending them on the wrong track?” Wolf questioned.

“There’s a huge separation between entertainment and reality,” answered Jackson. “People who don’t differentiate between the two should be in a mental institution because they can’t separate their reality from what they’re watching [on TV]. When you watch “Forensic Files,” does it make you feel like you should go kill somebody?…You don’t do that.”

When you look at “the nucleus during that time period..let’s not escape the fact of how drugs got into [southwest Detroit]…that’s when it doesn’t seem like they’re glorifying it,” he explained. “The CIA was actually letting drugs into these communities and creating higher penalties for people who had crack cocaine, [but not higher penalties] for those people who had the cocaine we see in those Hollywood bathrooms partying…It’s the same drug but different penalties.”

“I think this question was offered with good intentions and delivered wrong…” expressed the EP.

“I understand some people misinterpret things or say, ‘look, this is another successful drug dealer.’ All of my shows are drug dealer shows,” he continued. “Even when the person is being wrongfully convicted and thrown in jail for 70 years, like my ABC show, “For Life.” In that time period, that was actually going on culturally all over the place. [People can miss the point or] be judgmental, it doesn’t matter. This show will be extremely successful regardless,” exclaimed the New York native.

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Black Mafia Family
BMF – Black Mafia Family (Starz)

Showrunner and executive producer Randy Huggins said at the core “BMF” is a series about family and love.

“These guys didn’t have any opportunities because of the situations they were facing in Detroit in the ’80s,” clarified Huggins. “This was their only way out…I’m not sure [the show will] encourage people to follow down their road because ultimately, the guy’s sitting in jail. We do show you the repercussions of your actions and your decisions.”

Premiering September 26, “BMF” is about the pursuit of the American dream – capitalism.




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