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Black Culture, History and Music – The J. Morris Journey

J Morris (interesting suit)
J. Morris

*When people think about community service, black history and the culture, people often have J. Morris in mind. Always musically inclined, his artistic destiny was prophesied to be at a local church years before his birth. Starting off as a natural on drums, his talent went from banging on pots and pans to playing horns for his church.

J. Morris kept growing his musical appetite and went from playing for the church to starting a high-school band called the “Essential Sounds Band.” It was Go-Go music catering to the local market and the band was embraced from Washing D.C. to Dale City, Virginia. Two American locations knee deep in not only historic culture, but black history.

J. Morris went on to join the US Army after high school, which catered to his live music calling. He proudly served in Army Entertainment, selected as a lead performer in the U.S. Army Soldier Show. Nothing is more American than performing for and with the Army. The opportunities continued to grow. Joining another band while in college, J. Morris’ own priorities and talent came into question as he was challenged with heartbreak and drug addiction. Relying upon God to clear his path, the musician got sober and decided to dive-in, headfirst, into his music career. Only now, the career wouldn’t be a side hobby or weekend performance group. Now, Morris was going full steam ahead seeking a paying career that could bring entertainment and a solid message to mass audiences.

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J. Morris went on to meet Multi-Platinum producer Dr. Kevin “Khao” Cates through a mutual acquaintance, where Cates personally invited him to use his musical skills as a contribution to programs titled “Bridge DA Gap & KOOLriculum.” The goal was to help the youth community and entertain, too.

Morris is a goal setter. Everything is done with purpose and possibility. He has worked with T.I, Big K.R.I.T, Jonathan McReynolds, Mali Music, Musiq Soulchild, Joyner Lucas, Q Parker, Syleena Johnson, Todd Dulaney, Grey, and many more. His latest project is a passion project as it highlights black history while entertaining. “Black is Beautiful” is his latest single which is part of a greater project titled ‘Black History: 365. The project was launched on February 5th and hit #7 on Amazon Music and #8 on iTunes in its first 24 hours.

Music is who J. Morris is. When presented with a chance to embrace black culture or promote black history, or even participate in community projects such as “Bridge DA Gap,” he gives it his all. As a natural entertainer, Morris is known for not only what he sings about but how he engages with the audience. He’s a talent who delivers time and time again. His popularity is growing with the fury of a fire.
source: Tonya L. Moore Chief Comms Officer TLM Public Relations

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