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THE REAL: How Should We Celebrate Thanksgiving During The Pandemic? / WATCH

The Real (10-16-20)

*On Friday, October 16, the ladies discuss celebrating Thanksgiving during a pandemic. Co-hosts Adrienne Houghton and Garcelle Beauvais reveal how they plan to spend the holiday while keeping themselves and their families safe and healthy. Co-host Loni Love dishes out advice on other ways to celebrate without putting oneself at risk of contracting COVID-19.

Ed Quinn stops by to talk about Tyler Perry’s The Oval, still being recognized out in public while wearing a protective mask, and the impact that the late rocker Eddie Van Halen’s life and death has had on him.

Then, Lovie Simone visits and shares her obsession with R&B singer Brandy, the cosmic connection that she has with her fraternal twin sister, and the rituals that she and her co-stars had during filming of the upcoming reboot The Craft.

How Should We Celebrate Thanksgiving During The Pandemic?

Ed Quinn Talks About the Impact the Late Eddie Van Halen’s Passing Had on Him.

Lovie Simone and Her The Craft Co-Stars Had Their Own Behind-the-Scenes Rituals 

How Should We Celebrate Thanksgiving During The Pandemic?

Adrienne Houghton: Thanksgiving or die? Like, I don’t understand how that is even a question! Obviously, if there’s a way and there is a precaution we can make to make sure everyone was to be safe, that’s completely different. But the average person can’t uh– a lot of the cities don’t offer testing like that and the average person can’t pay for testing for their entire family. So, that is just a different situation. If that’s your situation, I encourage you, sit this one out! There will be Thanksgivings for years to come! It’s a yearly thing. Missing it once– and you guys know I’m obsessed with Thanksgiving. I host Thanksgiving every year. But this year, it will just be me and the family that I live with and that I’m quarantining with. I can’t do my big elaborate thing in L.A. I won’t be traveling back and forth. There’s a pandemic, people! What are we not understanding?

Garcelle Beauvais: I feel like you’re lucky you have your family. It’s me and my boys, you know what I mean? It’s just the three of us. So, I think I get it if people are bummed. First Halloween, now Thanksgiving. But, I agree with you. It’s a pandemic. Um, we all have to do the right thing so that the quicker we go through this, hopefully, the quicker we’ll be able to get out of it, and next year will be an amazing Thanksgiving. I usually have a “Friendsgiving”. Whoever is not going home is at my house and we have, like, 25 people here. But, you know what, this year, I get it. It’ll be a smaller turkey. Maybe it will be a hen, even though I don’t know how to cook a hen.


Loni Love: I would say, to plan. We can have Zoom Thanksgivings. You can also try to pair with, like, a smaller like Garcelle was saying to do. But, have a plan. Because I know a lot of people don’t have families or are out of state from their families, so, it’s an adjustment. It’s not about, you know– it’s about being safe. But I do understand that people need to check on their single friends at this time. Even if you just call them that day and make sure they’re okay. Maybe you can send them some food. They’ll have, you know, like different kind of meal preps and stuff like that. We have to help each other out at this time, because usually the holiday time is when everybody is happy– they can get together. So, we just have to make adjustments to it.


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