Saturday, June 19, 2021

Don’t Stop Believing: Mystery Man Tracked Down, Given Free Piano After Playing Journey Song in Store (Watch)

John Thomas Archer impresses antique store with his piano playing skills (Facebook)

*A musician who walked into a family-owned antique shop in Massachusetts and began tinkering on one of the displayed pianos was given the instrument for free this week after video of his talent went viral. But it took a minute to track the mystery maestro down.

Despite the “Do Not Play” sign that sat atop of the piano in the Norwood store, the man asked one of the workers, Melissa Rediker, if he could play it anyway. Rediker gave him the green light and the man tore into Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing,” impressing all within earshot. He was so impressive that Rediker whipped out her phone and began filming. But he bounced before anyone could get his name.

Rediker posted the video to ReMARKable Cleanouts’ Facebook page on Saturday. It went viral quickly, soon amassing over 14,000 Facebook views and 360,000 views on Twitter. Watch below or here on Facebook:

Customers raved about his performance, commenting that Waters should hire him. Some even offered to buy the piano for him.

Store owner, Mark Waters, told CBS Boston, “We’ll give him the piano. Bring the kid in! We’d be more than happy to bring it to him. We can’t find him! Nobody knows who this young man was.”

With the aid of local reporter Juli McDonald at WBZ Channel 4, who interviewed Waters and aired a segment on the 11 p.m. news Tuesday night. 23-year-old John Capron was located. “My girlfriend sent me a text that the media was looking for me,” he told the outlet. “I didn’t know so many people would be affected by watching me play. I am just baffled.”

A self-proclaimed “amateur piano player,” Archer revealed that the classic Journey-song was the first tune he learned on the piano , and that he only has a keyboard at home. Gladly accepting the piano as a gift, Archer returned to ReMarkable Cleanouts on Wednesday to meet Waters.

Watch below or click here to watch at CBS Boston:



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