Friday, September 30, 2022

Jill Scott Trolled by Ex-NFLer (Kyle Queiro) Who Asks: ‘Ya’ll Really Sexually Aroused by Her?’

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*OK, we get it. Not every dude is into full-figured sistas. But when that full-figured sista is Jill Scott, we gotta ask, “Whatchootalkinbout, fool?”

We’re putting that question to some lame-azz by the name of Kyle Queiro who has gone an pissed off a whole legion of Jilly From Philly fans due to his Friday night tweet in which he noted his disbelief that anyone would find the Philadelphia songstress attractive.

“People are attracted to JILL SCOTT!?” Queiro questioned, adding, “And by no means is she ugly, but ya’ll really sexually aroused by her?”

OK, so now you’re wondering just who in the hell is this Kyle Queiro jerk? For what it’s worth, he’s supposedly played linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys. Even with that info, he still gets a big “WHO?!” when his name is mentioned.

In any event, after the initial incoming he received, Queiro went on to imply people find her attractive because of her “energy,” not her looks.

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Kyle Queiro – Jill Scott

One of the many coming to Jill’s defense was Grammy-nominated singer/rapper Tory Lanez who tweeted, “You can’t trust” a man that doesn’t find the “First Wives Club” actress stunning.

“Jill Scott is a BEAUTY beauty. That woman looks like the sun so I know denying her attractiveness is ridiculous,” wrote one fan, with another adding, “Jill Scott has always been for-real gorgeous to me. There will be no slandering of her….EVER!!.”

Others accused the athlete of attempting to fat-shame the star, tweeting:

“Do people really think that having some fat cells automatically makes you unattractive? What corner of the world have they been living in. Jill Scott has been beautiful at whatever size she’s showed up, so I don’t know where this is coming from. Woman is gorgeous!”

At this point, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that Queiro has since deleted the offending tweets, later posting …

“I tried to explain my tweet after realizing how poorly it was worded and conveyed. I didn’t grow up on Jill Scott so it was news to me that she was a sex symbol, and I just tweeted. Stupidly. It was best to just delete it & take my L.”

“I’ve also seen people equating my tweet to both: fat shaming and a hatred of black women,” he added. “With how prevalent that is, I can understand why people may feel that way. But that is not the case here.”

Too late. Damage is done. They comin’ fo’ ya now.

So far, Jill Scott has yet to weigh in on Queiro’s diss.



  1. Really, he actually had nerve for this to be thought then said it? A pussy cowgirl player at that! Jill is one of the most beautiful fr, fr sistas ever to take the stage! If she had tickets selling at $1000/ea compared to blue ivy mam,selling at $10/ea I’ll pay for jill! She keeps it classy & whatever size she has been real about it & herself! To ea his own, but keep it to yourself!

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