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Awww! Ingenious Grandfather Builds Grandson a Roller Coaster in Backyard out of Scraps



Rollercoaster man grandson (screenshot)
grandad - grandson - roller coaster ((twitter-hunnitbandbria)

According to Twitter user @HUNNITBANDBRIA, the mother of the child in the adorable clip, her father start the project on May 3.

*We bet this youngster is lovin’ his grandaddy a whole bunch more these days.

That’s because his grandfather got busy and figured out how to help his grandson (and himself) have some fun during the lockdown. We’re talking a homemade, backyard roller coaster!!!

Yessir, buddy. Grandpaw built the super sweet roller coaster with his own bare hands … and the ride, definitely appropriate for a tyke looks really, really smooth.

According to Twitter user @HUNNITBANDBRIA, who’s also the mother of the child in the adorable clip, her father start building the cool coaster on May 3. In her post, she also shared that the project was still underway.

“It’s not done but they having the time of their lives,” the mother stated.

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Hats off to granddad. Look at his ingenuity … the trashcan securing the end of the coaster, and the custom wooden wheels on the kid’s plastic toy car.

The rest of the building materials are pretty simple — wood and cinder blocks. But, you definitely have to be a master craftsman to pull it off.

Sure, Six Flags, Disney World and pretty much every amusement park is closed due to coronavirus restrictions … but who needs ’em when you’ve got a coaster in your own yard!!!


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Braxton Sisters Dish About Their Best and Worst Husband/Boyfriend [VIDEO]



Towanda Braxton

Braxton Family values

*Trina and Towanda Braxton recently appeared on “The Morning Hustle” to promote the new season of their reality show “Braxton Family Values.”

During the conversation, they touched on everything from their troubled sister Tamar, their past romances, and the status of Toni Braxton and Birdman’s relationship. 

When it comes to misconceptions about the sisters from the WE tv show, Towanda explained, “One thing I would say they get wrong is that we don’t talk. We absolutely do talk. We see each other as much as we can. We just saw Tamar about three weeks ago. I think that’s the misconception. There are moments when we don’t like each other which is true. But the base of the Braxtons is love. In any relationship, sometimes you don’t like each other. And that’s okay.”

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Towanda also had this to say about Tamar unfollowing the sisters on social media, “Tamar always unfollows us. This isn’t the first time this has happened. It’s happened two or three times before. But we don’t measure our relationship or our sisterhood on social media. She blocked us. She’ll probably do it again. That’s just Tamar.

Check out excerpts from the rest of the conversation below, via MadameNoire.

Who had the worst boyfriend or husband among all the sisters? (both Trina and Towanda raise their hands)

First of all, this is my third marriage. I’m the Elizabeth Taylor of the family and I don’t care. My first husband I can only charge him with youth. I met him at 15. We had our first son at 19. We got married at 20. We had another kid at 21. We got divorced at 24. That’s a lot for kids to go through because we were kids. I have to charge it to immaturity and not to anything else.

Towanda: Not me. I have to charge it to it was just wrong. Gave me two beautiful children and I thank him for that and that’s it. Maybe I should have just allowed him to be my donor. Because our genes together make incredible kids.

Trina: Anybody can say anything they want about my relationship with Gabe but I will never disrespect him because he stepped in when my children’s biological father did not. He raised children that were not his and he never had any biological children of his own. And God rest his soul. Whatever issues we had, we still ended up being the best, the closest of friends especially because I respected what he did when their biological father did not.

On Birdman and Toni

Towanda: I think whatever makes Toni happy, I’m happy. If she likes it, I love it.

Trina: I think we know a different side of him than the general public does. He’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. He’s super cool and I dig him.

Watch the full interview below:

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Royal Insider Spills Tea About Fallout Between Prince William, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle




*Royal historian and biographer Robert Lacey has offered insight into the riff between Prince William and his brother Prince Harry

Lacey claims that the Duke of Cambridge was beyond pissed off with how Buckingham Palace handled Meghan Markle’s pregnancy with son Archie.  

It is expected of senior members of the royal family to make a public display out of the birth of babies. But Harry and Meghan opted not to follow protocol. Instead, on the morning of May 6, 2019, the couple welcomed their son and then swiftly returned to Windsor undetected.

The palace didn’t announce that Markle had gone into labor until after Archie was born and the family (including Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland) were all heading home from the hospital, per Fox News

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Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and son Archie

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and son Archie

“At that stage, it was difficult for Meghan and Harry to conceal the birth of their son because they were still on the payroll of the British monarchy,” Lacey explained. “We have a tradition here in Britain that royal babies should be seen and enjoyed by the public. But instead, Meghan and Harry chose to follow their own rules and have their baby in private. It is understood that William felt they should have gone through the motions of showing the baby to the public as members of the royal family.”

William was apparently so annoyed that he and his wife Kate Middleton allegedly waited “a full eight days” to visit the couple and meet baby Archie, according to the report. 

“A lot of people have told me William has a temper,” said Lacey. “He has taken comfort in the fact that his future destiny is to be king. That’s what has kept him going. Duty comes before all.”

The alleged feud between the brothers was allegedly sparked by Harry’s relationship with Meghan. 

“William was quite concerned that the relationship had moved so quickly,” Nicholl claimed in the TLC documentary “Kate V. Meghan: Princesses at War?”

“And being close to Harry, you know, probably the only person close enough to say to Harry, ‘This seems to be moving quickly. Are you sure?’ And I think what was meant as well intended brotherly advice just riled Harry.

“Harry is hugely protective of Meghan,” Nicholl continued. “He saw that as criticism, he interpreted that as his brother not really being behind this marriage, this union. And I don’t think things have been quite right ever since.”


(L-R) Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex (Source: Getty Images Europe)

Lacey goes on to explain, “Let’s make clear that William’s reservation wasn’t whether Meghan was right for Harry, but whether she was right for the royal family and royal life.” 

“Royals are expected to know their place,” he continued. “And Harry, of course, was expected to marry a nice girl named Henrietta or Gabriella who lived in the provinces of Britain in the countryside and settle down. But Meghan and Harry both made it clear they wanted to do so much more than that. And let’s just say there are things that you can and cannot do when it comes to running the royal family and what it stands for.”

Lacey said William and Harry “speak on the phone from time to time,” bu tit will take time for their relationship to heal. 

“I think Meghan and Harry will remain based in North America. Unless the brothers can find a way to reconcile, they will have to go their separate ways and keep mutual respect for each other.”

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Ne-Yo and Wife Crystal Smith Address Singer’s Surprise Divorce Announcement [WATCH]



Ne-Yo and Crystal

*On Thursday’s edition of “Tamron Hall,” Grammy Award-winning artist Ne-Yo and his wife Crystal Smith made a virtual appearance to discuss the singer’s decision to publicly announce his divorce on a podcast. As it turns out, the couple are quarantining together during the coronavirus pandemic, which helped them reconcile their differences.

Hear/watch Ne-Yo tell it via the YouTube clip above, and check out additional clips and excerpts below from the couple’s conversation with Hall. 

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Ne-Yo on his decision to publicly announce his divorce during his February appearance on the “Private Talk with Alexis Texas” podcast:

“The reason that I went ahead and made it known on the podcast at the time was because I had gotten word that it had gotten out and I was trying to get in front of the blogs and everybody. I’ve always hated the whole third-person thing, if I don’t hear it from the horse’s mouth, I don’t believe it. So I decided to get in front of it before it became a rumor or an accusation and all kinds of extras were put on it. The bottom line is what I meant by ‘our demons don’t mesh,’ is that, there’s not a perfect person walking around the face of this planet. I have my issues, she definitely had her issues, and at the time we just weren’t in a place where we could help each other through our issues. My issues became a reason for us to not be together, as did hers…Everybody has demons, everybody is fighting a demon of some sort, and ours just weren’t allowing us to be together at the time. I thought that I was getting in front of it by going ahead and declaring it.”

Crystal on her reaction to Ne-Yo’s surprising divorce announcement, which she found out about through entertainment sites and gossip blogs:

“We weren’t really talking at that time. I chose to leave the relationship because of issues, and at the time I felt like it was to get back at me or to hurt me, or whatever the case may be. He said that it wasn’t so I took his word for that. But it definitely didn’t feel good, it was embarrassing to say the least.” Crystal continued: “It made me feel like ‘what was the point of opening myself up or letting my walls down?’ I chose to go to therapy and to start working on my pain and my issues and everything I was dealing with internally. I feel like that was the right step for me to get past it. So whether we were going to be together or not, I had to heal for myself so I could get up and perform for my kids.”

Ne-Yo on why he chose to quarantine at home with Crystal after he had publicly announced their split:

“I can honestly say that though I had to a degree put on a face for the public, I did not want to get divorced. I was really, really broken up about it, but I felt like I couldn’t show that to the world. My pride wouldn’t allow me to show that to her initially. But I think she kind of knew where I was at.” Ne-Yo continued: “It just didn’t feel right, it didn’t make any sense to me. This is what we’ve been forever. We don’t know what this thing is, we could be gone tomorrow. So I’m not about to waste what could potentially be maybe our last moments together not together. I’m not doing it. I’m going where my home is, I’m going where my heart is. And that was it.”

Crystal on how Ne-Yo helps break down the walls she put up as a result of her past abusive relationship:

“I still know in some ways I have my guard up with just everybody, but he has a way of breaking that down and getting to the core and the root and trying to help you fix those things and heal from them. And that was the first person that ever cared to want to know about that kind of stuff.”

Ne-Yo on his childhood experience with domestic violence and his reaction to learning about Crystal’s past abusive relationship:

“My mom and dad’s relationship was toxic to say the least. I witnessed a lot of domestic abuse in the household. My mom has been my hero pretty much my entire life, she’s the strongest woman in the world. Just seeing the things that she went through and then hearing this from Crystal, it struck a nerve. It was something familiar. I went into, I wouldn’t necessarily say rescue mode because she didn’t really need rescuing. She’s not a weak person at all and that was one of the things that attracted me to her was despite the fact that she had been through some negative things in her past, she wasn’t allowing it to break her or hold her back from what it is she wanted, her dreams and aspirations, and just living life, period.”


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