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Zoë Kravitz ‘Gets Offended’ When Folks Ask When She and Hubby Are Going to Have a Baby

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*Zoë Kravitz married to fellow actor Karl Glusman less than a year ago and she’s beyond over folks asking when they’re going to start a family. 

“A lot of people ask the question, ‘When are you gonna have a baby?’ or say things like, ‘When’s the baby?’ and I really get offended by people assuming that’s something that I have to do because society says so,” Kravitz recently told Dax Shepard on his podcast Armchair Expert.

Kravitz wants all you inquiring minds to know, she’s not pressed about having kids at the moment.  

“Right now, I’m certainly not in a place where I think I’m able to do that just ’cause of work and also just, man, I don’t know, I like my free time,” she explained.

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Musician Lenny Kravitz (center) and actresses Zoe Kravitz (L) and Lisa Bonet R) attend the Saint Laurent show at The Hollywood Palladium on February 10, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.
(Feb. 9, 2016 – Source: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images North America)

Glusman, 32, and Kravitz, 31, dated for two years tying the knot at her father’s (Lenny Kravitz) lavish estate in Paris. 

“I feel I’ve known him my entire life,” Kravitz gushed to Shepherd. “He’s just one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. He’s one of the most honest people I’ve ever met and I feel like I’ve known him since I was a kid, even though I haven’t. There’s this connection where it’s like we’ve always known each other, we’ve always lived together. It doesn’t feel like this foreign thing.”

She added, “We have a history, it feels like,. You know how sometimes you have a weird part of your personality only your friends know from when you were young? We have that same part of our personalities, if that makes sense.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, she also revealed that she once considered dropping her famous last name, PEOPLE reports.

“I thought about not using it,” she said . “I thought about just going by my middle name, Isabella, Zoë Isabella, and I kind of tried to do it, but it just like didn’t stick. People kept on forgetting. No one was responding to this idea I had. I would tell my agent and it just wasn’t happening.” 

But Lenny was less than thrilled about it.  

“I also think I mentioned it to my dad at one point and I think I could feel that it made him a little sad,” said Kravitz, whose mother is actress Lisa Bonet. “So, yeah, I just kind of stuck with it. I did used to be really insecure about people just associating me with my family and now I love it—I’m so proud of them and it’s cool.”

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