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BET’s ‘Boomerang’ Cast Celebrates Season 2 Premiere at Paramount Studios – PHOTOS

Boomerang Premiere - Lena Waithe
Lena Waithe

*Last night, BET Networks celebrated the season two premiere of its Lena Waithe and Halle Berry executive produced show “BOOMERANG,” at Paramount Studios.

Show cast members Tequan Richmond, Tetona Jackson, Lala Milan, Dime Davis, Leland B. Martin and RJ Walker were in attendance.

Following the success of Lena Waithe’s BOOMERANG first season, the half-hour subversive, smart, serialized comedy that is fielded by romance, friendship, gender politics and more returns for season two.

Boomerang Premiere - Martin Lawrence
Martin Lawrence

Boomerang Premiere - Lena Waithe & cast
Tequan Richmond, Tetona Jackson, Lala Milan, Dime Davis, Lena Waithe, Leland B. Martin and RJ Walker attend the Boomerang Season 2 Premiere Party

The original cast is back to deal with the ramifications of Simone and Bryson’s breakup and how it affects the group’s friendship.

Throughout the season, each of our main characters: Simone (Tetona Jackson), Bryson (Tequan Richmond), Crystal (Brittany Inge), Ari (Leland Martin), Tia (Lala Milan) and David (RJ Walker) look inward to find out who they truly are while discovering that together, they’re growing apart.

Guest stars for season two will include Jaleel White, Joey Bada$$, Walter Emmanuel Jones and Kim Wayans.

Special guests in attendance included: Terrence J, Martin Lawrence, Cameron Hamilton & Lauren Speed, Lance Gross, Kellee Stewart and more.

Boomerang Premiere - Terrence J
Terrence J

Boomerang Premiere - Lance Gross
Lance Gross

“BOOMERANG” season 2 premiere TONIGHT, Wednesday, March 11 at 10PM EST on BET.

About Boomerang:
BOOMERANG is a half-hour subversive, smart, serialized comedy, fueled by romance, friendship, gender politics, love and, of course, sex.

The story picks up roughly twenty-five years after the “Boomerang” movie and centers on Simone Graham (daughter of Marcus Graham and Angela Lewis) and Bryson Broyer (son of Jaqueline Broyer), who are marketing professionals trying to step out of their parents’ shadows.

The series follows a group of childhood friends who are looking to make their own mark in the world…all while navigating their feelings for each other.

 Love is Blind couple
Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’ couple Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed

Boomerang Premiere - Loren Lott
Actress Loren Lott




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