Monday, August 8, 2022

Famous African American Mathematicians You Should Know About

*When it comes to STEM education, the best way you can cherish what you’re learning is by reading up about those minds that pioneered these subjects. While some names do ring a bell, like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, there are also some famous African American mathematicians that you should definitely know about.

Go ahead and share this article with your friends – or, better yet, stick it up on the bulletin board for everyone to read. Here are the accomplishments of some incredible mathematicians most people don’t know about.

1.     Benjamin Banneker

Banneker, as history puts it, was a self-educated man when it came to astrology and mathematics. This man

With the help of his astounding understanding of astronomy and trigonometry, Banneker had managed to forecast an eclipse correctly way back in 1789! What’s more? This man was also a very passionate advocate of civil rights back in 1791.

2.     Fern Hunt

Hunt is known by most for her work in mathematical biology and applied mathematics. All throughout her career, she had gotten herself involved in Chaos theory, patterns of genetic variation, and biomathematics. Nowadays, you can catch her working as a presenter and educator who help people pursue their graduate degrees in various fields of STEM.

3.     Mark Dean

Dean has, to date, managed to become quite a famous computer engineer and scientist. He was credited with the co-development of a number of breakthrough technologies that are used by IBM for their business operations.

Dean was also the man who came up with the first-ever computer chip with a gigahertz of storage capacity. Other than this, he was also involved in a project that brought about the Industry Standard Architecture System. This system allows its users to allow all the available plug-ins for modems and personal printers.

4.     Elbert Frank Cox

Cox had become the first Black man to achieve a Ph.D. in mathematics successfully – and not just in America but the whole world! Once he received this honor, he went on to become a mathematics professor at Harvard University and the chairman of the Mathematics Department in 1957.

These were just four names. We have barely scratched the surface. Names like Katherine Johnson, Valerie Thomas, Lonnie Johnson, and John Urschel deserve a notable mention. Look them up, and you’ll be quite surprised at the minds that came straight out of the Black community.





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