Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Najee Ali Creates the ‘Muslim Democratic Club of Southern California’

Muslim Democratic Club of Southern California

*”We plan on helping ensure we get Trump out the White House!,” says Najee Ali, CEO of Project Islamic Hope, one of the leading activists in Los Angeles.

Ali finds himself in the history books again as the Founder and President of the “Muslim Democratic Club of Southern California,” which is the first and only Muslim Democratic Club in Southern California history.

This new club received a unanimous vote of acceptance at Wednesday’s Los Angeles County Democratic Club meeting.

najee ali - jesse jackson

najee ali barack obama chris tucker

Najee Ali & Bill Clinton

Najee Ali & Ilhan Omar

Ali’s political career began in 1988 as an aide to Rev. Jesse Jackson campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. And with over three decades of political and social activism, he’s worked with or for political leaders that include former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, Senator Kamala Harris and Congressmember Karen Bass’ Current chair of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Ali currently serves as the first Muslim chaplain in the history of the Mayor’s office in Los Angeles, is the founder of the city of Los Angeles Muslim Heritage Month and was the leading activist who helped write the first draft and spearheaded the successful California state law AB 1422. The Sherrice Iverson Act which was signed in 2001 by Governor Gray Davis.

This law was named in memory of the seven-year-old child who was kidnapped raped and murdered in a Las Vegas casino on May 25, 1997 and helps protect children from pedophiles. It’s the first law named in the nation after a slain black child.

Ali states the “Muslim Democratic Club of Southern California” is open to all Democrats.





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