Thursday, January 27, 2022

What Cosmopolitan‘s Kardashian Cover Says About Black Erasure in America

*The Kardashians have been coined as America’s ‘first family’ in the world of social media by Cosmo. The magazine has previously come under fire for featuring black supermodels photographed using cosmetics that are meant for white women. Readers of this particular issue were outraged by the coincidental racism and apologies had been made.

The insincerity of this apology can be judged by the post about the Kardashians as they are being hoisted as a representation of the perfect American family. This clearly was an indication of things to come in Donald Trump’s America.

The first thing that should come to our minds when we hear ‘first family’ should be the Obama’s. Their image, however, has already been maligned by the efficient propaganda of Trump and his goons. He has even gone as far as blaming Obama for the so-called bad example he set when Black youths had rioted after the death of Freddie Gray.

People curtly started using the first black president’s last name as an insult. His daughters had been criticized for lacking class. The Obama family was very snidely blamed for being bad role models. Even the first lady was called out for being too outspoken and for have “anger issues.”

Even though they have been defamed and have been under the microscope as representatives of the black community, they have been on many leading magazine covers. These include Essence, Vogue, People, TIME and of course Ebony.

That said, putting the Kardashians on the cover of this trendy magazine was an attempt to diminish the black community’s achievements. The Obama’s were blurred out of this title and were replaced with people who fell under what are considered as mainstream beauty standards. This decision of Cosmopolitan considerably dropped the prestige it held in terms of mainstream publication.

Most of us have found this featured ‘first family’ to be at the height of dysfunction. Their most vulnerable moments have been played out on cameras and all they seem to represent is an obsession with fame and money. We disown this first family and accept the Obama’s to be the best representation of a family, from our community or otherwise.



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