Thursday, October 6, 2022

LeBron James Trolled by Warriors’ Coach and Draymond Green After Game 2 Loss (Watch)

lebron & draymond - short-suit
LeBron James (L) and Draymond Green rock shorts suits during NBA Finals

*As if last night’s Game 2 loss wasn’t bad enough for LeBron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers savior appeared to have been trolled after the game by his opponent’s coach and the team’s most outspoken player.

As Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr was leaving the postgame press conference, he told reporters: “By the way, I thought you guys were much better today. Good job.”

It was a reference to postgame comments made by James following Thursday’s Game 1 loss, when the NBA star was asked repeatedly about teammate J.R. Smith’s mistake that may have cost them the game. After a tense exchange with ESPN reporter Mark Schwarz, James walked out of the room and said “be better tomorrow” — a shot fired either at Schwarz or the media as a whole.

As if Kerr’s punchline wasn’t enough, Warriors forward Draymond Green just so happened to show up to his postgame press conference in the same type of shorts suit that James wore before and after Game 1.

Green swore it was just a coincidence. Asked by USA Today Sports if he was trolling James with his outfit, Green replied: “Not at all. I got my outfits through Game 7 (for the Finals). I’ve had them since before the series started; got my outfits through Game 7. Also, I’ve worn shorts (before). It’s comfortable. It’s warm out today.”

As Green pointed out on Saturday, he wore a shorts suit to the TNT NBA Awards last June.

“I started that trend a long time ago, man,” he said. “That was the awards show last year. Go check the pictures.”




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