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Jeffrey Osborne Releases First R&B Album of Original Songs in 13 Years (Listen) – Pt2

*Before ever stepping out as a solo artist, Jeffrey Osborne a/k/a “JO,” had earned the respect of music fans as a bonafide singer, when in the 1970s he was the lead vocalist for the R&B/funk band, L.T.D.   The group charted with such songs as “(Every Time I Turn Around)Back in Love Again,” “Holding On (When Love is Gone,” “We Both Deserve Each Other’s Love,” and of course, the timeless and beautiful “Love Ballad.”

For Osborne, the music and recording industry has evolved over the past five decades, and not always for the best.

“Everything has changed since I started recording in 1972,” Osborne said. “But the very things that have opened this industry, like the digital platforms to reach more people, have also killed things that were happening before in the recording studio.  Now, most of the time, there are no real musicians in the studio; its people with sequencers and things.  Therefore, there’s no breath or depth in today’s music.”

While Osborne still loves recording, it’s the live performances that he most looks forward to.

“The only real satisfaction is live performances,” explained Osborne.  “That’s when you can actually get some feedback from what you’re doing.  You get that artist-to-audience chemistry. I love it!”

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jeffrey osborne - photo1 - AnnaWebber
Jeffrey Osborne – photo – Anna Webber

With his new album, Worth It All (available now), Osborne fans can expect that he will do his share of live performances.  However, don’t look for extended tours.

“I really don’t tour anymore,” said Osborne.  “I’m more of a weekend warrior, and during the week I’m home with my family.  I’m not going go out on the road for two months anymore.  I don’t have to do that, and I don’t want to do that.  But I still love and enjoy the artist-to-audience interaction that live performances present, so I won’t ever stop doing what I like doing at live stage performances.  It’s just that I can pick and choose when I go out.”

While the release of Worth It All, featuring the sexy hip hop tinged “Work it” (above) – and the classic and soulful title track “Worth It All” (below) – is an important milestone in his long and successful career, his family has always been paramount to him.  JO and his wife, Sheri, have been married 36 years.  He is also elated to expand his career with the help of his son and daughter’s expertise.

In addition to working with his son, Jeffrey, Jr. (who does rap breakdown in “Work It”), the elder Osborne’s daughter, Tiffany, is an event planner for her father. She also created his website and manages her father’s social media platforms and merchandising.  Tiffany is an intricate part of planning and implementing her father’s annual celebrity golf tournament, which will be held July 29, 30, 31 at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Conn. (EUR will soon post details of the upcoming celebrity golf tournament).

“What I’ve learned in my 70 years is that family is so important,” said Osborne.    “Family is what I’ve leaned on for years; it’s what I cherish the most.”

Osborne has also embraced healthy living and staying fit.

“I’ve always been active in working out and taking care of myself,” explained Osborne.  “I’ve been running two miles a day since I was 18.  And for the last nine months, I’ve become a vegan, which is a strictly plant-based diet.  That means no meat, fish or dairy products.”

Osborne added.

“Since becoming a vegan, I have never felt better in my life,” he said.  “I have more energy, and my joints feel better. I have no inflammation in my body at all.  By my family becoming vegans at the same time, it made this transition much easier for me.”

With new music, a strong family, and a stay-healthy lifestyle, Osborne knows his life and everything he does is… “Worth It All.”

To learn how to purchase Jeffrey Osborne’s new Artistry Music album, and for live performances dates and other information, log on to www.jeffreyosborne.com.

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