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Gary Owen: Comedian Under Fire for Having Black Wife Call Michael Blackson the N-Word [Video]

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*Gary Owen is under fire for using his Black wife to call Michael Blackson the N-word after Blackson dared Owen to say the word himself.

In case you haven’t been following along on social media, the two men have been engaged in a back-and-forth since last month. The insults started when Owen stopped by “The Breakfast Club” and said that Blackson wasn’t funny. Blackson fired back, calling the Gary a “wet dog” and dared him to say the N-word.

“You want to be Black so bad, don’t you?” said Blackson. “Well, f— you, n—-. Now say it back. I didn’t think so.”

Then on Wednesday (April 4), Owen released a video where he sat next to his wife Kenya and let her call Blackson the N-word on his behalf.

“Michael Blackson, I saw your little weak comeback where you say I smell like a wet dog,” Owen said as he held a dog close to his lips. “Yeah I kissed her. White guy stuff … You said I won’t say the n-word back to you. You dared me. I don’t gotta say it back, my lady will say it for me.”

Watch the clip below.

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Folks on social media had mixed reactions to the clip. Some have decided that this confirms Gary is a racist while others are slamming his “traitor” wife.

“Yeah we should be fine with the fact that you would use your Black wife to use such a racially demeaning and derogatory term to address another Black person,” wrote Twitter user Litha Mjonono. “[It] says a lot about you.”

Another online comment read: “Gary Owen went after Monique and now Michael Blackson. The slave master is still in the big house with a bed wench and talking down on the field slaves. To hell with Gary Owen.”

But some don’t mind Gary’s wife using the N-word because she’s simply doing her part to keep the fake beef between her husband and Blackson going.

“Woke Twitter really be on that bullsh–,” one Black woman wrote. “So now Gary Owen is a cultural appropriator? Just say y’all hate everybody that’s not Black and be done with it, ‘cause I’m sick.”

Another user said: “You married a black woman, built a beautiful home with her, and had kids with her. You even treat her son as your own child and used your career to pay for his college tuition. You’re not a racist…these people just wanna create unnecessary controversy.”

Eventually, Owen responded to online debate and said he has received more laughs than backlash. You can see his response below and his reaction to some of the comments he’s receiving about the N-word clip with his wife.  

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