Friday, September 30, 2022

Diamond and Silk: Trump Loyalists Threaten Lawsuit Against YouTube for Discrimination

suing Youtube

*Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, the YouTube sensations known as “Diamond and Silk,” appeared on the Alex Jones Show recently and explained why they are preparing to sue YouTube.

The outspoken supporters of Donald Trump said they intend to file a lawsuit against YouTube, alleging discrimination after the social media company reportedly demonetized 95 percent of their content.

After their appearance on Jones’ show, Breitbart reported: “YouTube allegedly demonetized the vast majority of videos posted on “The Viewer’s View” channel, hosted by Diamond and Silk. The duo believes this was due to their vocal support of President Trump.”

On August 10, Diamond and Silk took to Twitter to question the sudden demonetization of their video series.

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They also suggested the censorship was due to their conservative beliefs:

They even suggested a possible class-action lawsuit.

Even former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin came to their defense:

They told Jones that their conservative views, support of Trump and their race is the reasoning behind the decision.

“Well, I’m looking into the best anti-discrimination, anti-trust lawyers, and I’m giving you my commitment that we’re going to find the lawyers,” Jones said.

“I’m going to sue them,” he added, encouraging the ladies to join as plaintiffs along with Paul Joseph Watson.

“This is the shutdown of free speech,” Jones said, calling it un-American and dangerous.


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  1. those two coonin’ sisters have get a real job now that YouTube cut them off. Coonin and buffoonin’ for Trump is not paying anymore. That act has grown tired.

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