Sunday, August 14, 2022

New York Comic Con/NYCC is More Than Cosplay

John Boyega in Pacific Rim Uprising.

*New York Comic Con (NYCC) that runs Oct 5-8 is more than cosplay. In addition to the buyer seller market, the main draw is the panels with Q&A to follow.

As with every year one of the most popular panels is “The Walking Dead.” A main attraction this year is “Pacific Rim Uprising” that will be followed by a Q&A with stars John Boyega, Scott Eastwood, Burn Gorman, Cailee Spaeny an director Steven S. DeKnight.

Panels include “Black Superheroes; Luke Cage to Black Lives Matter,” “#BlackComicsMonth: Diversity in Comics,” “We Need Diverse Books Presents: Spring Awakening-Diversity in Coming-of-Age Comics & Graphic Novels,” “Heroes of Diversity,” “Hip-Hop & Comics,” “Kicking Ass, Taking Names: Women of Color in Comics,” and “Geeks of Color” is the premiere NYCC panel on diverse career-building in comics, book publishing, gaming, animation, and film/TV.

Other panels of interest are “We Need Diverse Books Presents: Spring Awakening—Diversity in Coming-of-Age Comics & Graphic Novels,” “Star Trek: Discovery,” “REPRESENT: The Rise of Characters of Color in Sci-Fi Film and TV,” “Black Eyed Peas Present: Masters of the Sun & the Future of AR Comics,” “Cosplay and Disabilities;” and panels on bullying.

The NYPL (New York Public Library) will also be in the house discussing the use of comics to get kids to read. There will be a “Michael Jackson’s Halloween” event as well as the “Hang Like Spidey” experience of climbing in through the fire escape and be transported into Peter Parker’s bedroom. Crawl on the ceiling and scale the walls just like Spider-Man and race to beat Vulture. For more info, go to:       Twitter: @thefilmstrip


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