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‘In The Cut’ Star Dorien Wilson Says ‘Stakes Are High’ for Season 3 [EUR Exclusive]

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*Season 3 of the hit Bounce TV comedy “In The Cut,” premieres Tuesday, July 10 and the network will double the fun by kicking things off with two new original episodes back-to-back starting at 9:00 pm.

Bentley Kyle Evan’s “In the Cut” has become the most-watched original series premiere in Bounce TV history, and series star Dorien Wilson tells EUR/Electronic Urban Report that the stakes are higher this season.

“They really laid the foundation this season with relationships, and that’s with interpersonal relationships with each character as we maneuver through the comedy part,” he said. “It’s super easy with these guys. I’ve worked with them all at one point so you don’t have that tentative getting to know somebody, and we just trust each other.”

Adding, “This year, I think we full-on went full tilt with exploring the boundaries. We’re giving rein to come up with different things to add to this already amazingly written project. But we’re able to embellish on it, and so we’ve come up with some great stuff that I think the audience is really going to love this year. And there’s some great cliffhangers that’s going to keep you tuned in every week to see how they progress, leading to the finale.”

“In The Cut” takes place in a barbershop owned by Dorien’s character Jay, who tries to bond with the adult son he never knew he had. Fans have come to appreciate the series for the family centered themes it often explores, such as the positive bond between a black father and son.

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In addition to Dorien Wilson, the sitcom features Ken Lawson, John Marshall Jones, Laura Hayes and Kellita Smith (“Z Nation” & “The Bernie Mac Show”) as Cheryl – Jay’s ex-wife who runs a hair salon a couple of doors down from his barber shop.

Smith joined the series last season and describes her “In The Cut” experience as “seamless” due to her previous collaborations with Bentley and Mr. Wilson.

“Bentley is loyal. Bentley has a great eye for talent. He and I go all the way back to “Martin” and the “Jamie Foxx Show.” When he called and asked me to do this show it was a no-brainer,” she explained.

“I honor Bounce TV for even taking a chance and creating a network specifically for comedic entertainment (for) veterans, cause I definitely consider Dorien and John Marshall Jones as veteran actors. I thank all of the producers at Bounce for even doing this. It’s proven that black comedy, or just comedy PERIOD, will never die. It’s always a space for it.”

And if you’re wondering if Ms. Smith desires to step behind the camera and direct an episode, she says, “Probably not. I enjoy acting way too much.”

New episodes of “In The Cut” will premiere Tuesday nights at 9:00 pm/ET on Bounce TV.


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