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Sanaa Lathan Shuts Down Rumors About Her Being Pregnant

Sanaa Lathan

*While promoting her new Fox drama “Shots Fired” on The Breakfast Club, super-stunner Sanaa Lathan shut down rumors about her being pregnant.

What folks thought was a baby bump in recent pictures was nothing but food bloat, she explained. 

“That was just a meal,” Lathan said, laughing. “You know what? I’m not a skinny girl, never have been a skinny girl. I like to eat. And I’m not going to starve myself. I’m going to live my life. Sometimes they get a bad angle and the blogs are the blogs. People, they like a story for a minute.”

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Sanaa, Stephan
Sanaa Lathan & Stephan James Talk ‘Shots Fired’ with The Breakfast Club

Lathan noted that such questions or comments about her weight are “annoying” as “no one likes to be called, you know, fat.”

When asked by Charlamagne tha God if the fat-shamming trolls have motivated her to diet and exercise, Lathan emphatically says no.

“I don’t starve myself ever,” she said. “The thing is, being in this business is such a blessing, but all ya’ll gotta know that it is no joke. The business is hard because all eyes are on you. Everybody’s a critic. As a woman, now it’s like on-duty, off-duty, every picture in the age of social media. I mean, you know. So you have to develop a steel exterior. You have to get to the point where sh-t, you just laugh at sh-t and it just rolls off of you.”

You can listen to her comments about not being skinny at the 16:00 mark in the clip below. She also talks about race and if more opportunities are becoming available for Black actors.

Meanwhile, her upcoming new series “Shots Fired” exams the dangerous aftermath of racially charged shootings in a small Southern town. The series premieres March 22 on FOX.


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