Thursday, September 16, 2021

Trayvon Martin’s Parents Considering Run for Public Office

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*Trayvon Martin’s parents are reportedly considering a run for public office because they want to be “a part of the change” this country needs.

Martin made international headlines in 2012 when he was murdered in cold blood by the neighborhood watch racist, George Zimmerman. Of course the ass-backwards justice system in Florida ruled that Zimmerman committed no crime…. because his victim was a black male.

According to reports, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin are concerned that Trump’s Fourth Reich administration is going to undo the social growth and advancement made by civil rights groups like Black Lives Matter.

Tracy Martin told the USA Today, “Since Trayvon’s death, we saw how divided the country is on these issues and we saw how the country can come together.” He continued, “You have those that are for uniting the country and you have those that want to be apart. And what this new presidency does, it takes those that want to be apart and it puts them right in the position where they can say, ‘We’ll change the laws, and we’ll make it tougher.’”

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trayvons parents

News of a run for political officer coincides with the release of their new book “Rest In Power,” due out Tuesday, which details the explosive public outcry that resulted from Trayvon’s death. Sabrina and Tracy are concerned that Trump’s policies will make it acceptable for minorities to be unfairly targeted by abusive law enforcement.

Fulton said to USA Today, “Before I was just comfortable with my average life, but now I feel like I’m just obligated to be part of the change. The only way we can be part of the change is if we start with local government and we work our way up.”

She also says Trump has helped contribute to a strong sense of “division,” adding, “they fed into that hatred.”

“Average citizens feel like their kids are not going to make it home safely, because we’ve had so many incidents where somebody is shot and killed and nobody is being held accountable,” Fulton is quoted as saying. “You have to bury a loved one, and on top of you burying a loved one, nobody is going to trial. Nobody is being arrested. Nobody is going to jail. And so it like adds insult to injury.”


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