Monday, May 16, 2022

Pittsburgh Area Mom Killed Her Child, But the Father is Charged

andre price
Andre Price

*Damn. It makes me mad as hell to hear this kind of horrendous news about parents who can’t contain their anger with each other, so they take it out on the helpless children.

It’s just not fair.

Now a 17-month-old boy is dead, allegedly at the hands of his mother, because she thought his father was cheating on her. And the father, her boyfriend, was apparently warned about it via videos, texts and photos from a mobile phone, did nothing to save the child; so now he’s being charged too.

According to a news release from police in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh area), Pennsylvania, 23-year-old Andre Price, Jr. was arrested and charged with two counts of felony endangerment of the welfare of a child.

Police say he did nothing over a 2-hour period of receiving threats from his girlfriend showing evidence that the children were in distress, as she threatened to kill them.

In one of the videos their 2-year-old daughter was heard crying; and another showed the motionless body of their young son.

When police questioned 21-year-old Christian Clarke, the children’s mother, she told them she believed Price was cheating on her and lying to her. In one of the texts sent to the father, Clarke blames him for the boys’ death saying, “Andre is dead cus daddy couldn’t tell the truth.”

Referring to both children, including a 2-year-old girl, Clark allegedly sent texts to Price saying, “Im killing them” and “Ima ruin both our lives.”

Andre Price, baby and Christian Clark
Andre Price, baby and Christian Clark

She has undoubtedly made good on that promise.

Police allege that one of the videos sent by Clark showed their son’s lifeless body, face-down on a bed. In the clip, the woman can allegedly be heard saying, “Ah, look … Angel is still alive and sweating. Your son on the other hand is not even breathing.”

A criminal complaint alleges that Clark was seen in the video grabbing her daughter’s head.

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