Friday, May 27, 2022

Hot Rumor: The Entire ‘L&HH: Atlanta’ Cast Has Been Fired!

love and hip hop: atlanta cast
Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast

Well dang this is very interesting if true. On the other hand, for those who could give a rats patootie about the show, who cares, huh?

Well, for those who are interested, rumor has it that VH1 has let go the entire cast of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” has been told that they need to tighten up their resumes …. they won’t be back for next season. And yes, if the rumor is true, that includes K. Michelle, Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez and Mimi Faust. was the first to report the news and added this:

“Allegedly the producers on the show have been reaching out to all of Atlanta trying to get new cast members. The only problem is there is no real reason a “real celeb” would need to appear on the controversial reality show. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta will be filming the reunion on the 28-29th of this month.”

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The talks of firing reportedly began in the midst of the drama that’s been taking place ahead of the season five reunion show that’s filming this week.

Though this could possibly mark the end of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, sources say the other members of the franchise (New York and Hollywood) are still going strong, with even talks of more cities being added in the future.

Whoa, can you imagine the show without Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez the Puerto Rican Princess, and the new addition of crazy, Tommie?

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