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Despite NFL Star’s Vasectomy, Wife Gives Birth His 11th & 12th Child

Antonio Cromartie

*NFL star Antonio Cromartie and his wife, Terricka, welcomed twins, on Mother’s Day – a boy named Jynx Revell-Antonio Cromartie and a girl named J’adore Nayvi Cromartie. The proud parents were both excited and stunned when they learned last year that Terricka was pregnant, because Antonio had recently undergone a vasectomy.

“It was the most amazing, yet rewarding gift to give birth on Mother’s Day,” Terricka told US Weekly. “This is a storybook fairy-tale for Antonio and I.”

Antonio, who is currently a free agent, added, “It was an adrenaline rush — the most amazing feeling to actually bring my son into this world and to hand him over to my beautiful wife.”

antonio & terricka cromartie


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Terricka learned that she was pregnant after she went to the emergency room with extreme cramps back in October. She said she was in “total disbelief” when doctors delivered the news.

The couple have been married since 2008, and share a five-year old and a three-year old. Additionally, Antonio has eight other children from previous relationships. In total, he is now the father of a dozen children, as the Daily Mail reported.

Cromartie has faced criticism on social media over the number of kids he has, but he’s unfazed by it,  saying that he’s “on cloud nine” about his new babies.


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