Thursday, July 29, 2021

Tevin Campbell Talks Long Hiatus and New Music

Tevin-Campbell*Five-time Grammy nominee Tevin Campbell made his return to music this month with new single “Safer on the Ground”. No word on whether or not the track will lead to a new album, but the effort is his first offering since his self titled album in 1999. His most notable songs include: “Tell Me What You Want Me To Do,” “Can We Talk,” I’m Ready,” “Back to the World,” “Round and Round,” and “Don’t Say Goodbye Girl.”

While Campbell may have said “Goodbye” to the music industry for more than a decade, he’s back and chopping it up with Jet magazine about his new music and what took him so long to deliver the goods to fans.

Read excerpts from the Q&A below:

JET: In an interview with in 2012, you were just getting started recording music. What took so long for it to be released?

Tevin Campbell: It was resources actually. I didn’t really know how to go about doing everything and had to get a team together. I was approached by Spectra Music Group, so that led to me finally releasing “Safer On The Ground.” It really was just about putting all the dots together.

JET: Talk about how “Safer on the Ground” came to fruition.

Tevin Campbell: “Safer on the Ground” is safe. Alex Cantrall wrote the song. It’s a love song about a broken heart, but to me it represents being humble and safe. The song says, “Because I never had a fear of heights until you let me down” and that’s me speaking to the music business. The song also reminded me of a modern version of “Tell Me What You Want Me to Do.” I aim for the ear, so once fans hear the single, even the first couple of notes, they’ll know I’m back.

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JET: What can we expect on your album and when will it be released?

Tevin Campbell: The album probably won’t be ready until late summer, but I am actually writing the rest of the project myself. I have some really personal things that I’m writing about. Most of the songs that I write have nothing to do with the stuff that I used to sing about since I didn’t write back then. I experienced a lot while I was away from the industry. From being on Broadway to learning more about myself. Those are really the things that I’m writing about. I’ll be 40 this year, so “Can We Talk” is really not me anymore. Now I have the freedom to express myself through my music and write about my likes, my dislikes, and my passions. There’s no greater feeling than being able to express myself.

Read more from the Campbell Q&A here.


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