Saturday, July 31, 2021

Snoop Dogg Rips ‘Racist’ Schwarzenegger for Ignoring Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg

*In videos posted late Monday night, Snoop Dogg angrily called former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger a “racist piece of sh**” for commuting the sentence of a political ally’s son, released last Friday, and ignoring the death sentence of gang leader Stanley “Tookie” Williams.

Williams died of lethal injection in 2005 despite campaigns to urge Schwarzenegger to grant clemency.

One of Schwarzenegger’s last acts as governor, however, was reducing Esteban Nunez’s 16-year sentence for manslaughter to seven years. Nunez is the son of former speaker of the State Assembly, Fabian Nunez, a political ally and friend of the then governor.

In one of the three videos posted to Instagram, Snoop wanted to know why Schwarzenegger would be OK with allowing Nunez to get out of prison early but refused to stay Tookie’s execution.

“I can’t wait to catch you, … I’m going to confront you,” Snoop said. “I hope he running with [Donald] Trump so we can knock both of you … off at the same time.”

Watch below (warning: language NSFW):

Fuck you Arnold what a friend. U are ?????

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Fuck. You. Dogg head bitch

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  1. Fuck Arnold is right.

    Arnold is a racist, crony appeasing, piece of shit, adulterer… One of the worst governors in California, EVER!

  2. Tookie Williams, was a murdering, drug dealing thug. Estaban Nunez was a rich, spoiled murdering wanna be. The difference is, Nunez’s family had money and clout. Just because Arnold Schwarzedummy got his friend’s murdering son’s sentence reduced does not mean that Williams didn’t deserve to die for his murders. It just means that he got the short end of the stick because he had nothing to offer the executioner. Arnold may be a racist, but on the other hand, had William’s family had money, clout and was a friend of the governor, he just might still be among us. And that old weed smoking ex-gangster asking why Nunez got his sentence reduced and Williams didn’t get a stay, he already knows the answer. He just doesn’t like it. But who the hell cares?


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