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Marcus D. Spencer (Big Spence) Finds Role in ‘Fair Chase’

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*Bay Area, CA. – In Bay Area news, four producers came together to create a masterpiece called, “Fair Chase.”

In this film Tony D. White (Why She Cries), Ramasses Head (Watch Phoenix Rise), Marcus D. Spencer (Set Me Free) & Eduardo Castrillo (The Last Wolf of Ezo) put their heads and resources together to make something definitely worth watching.

  1. White and R. Head decided to produce this film together. The title says it all, “Fair Chase.” Just like being in the wild the hunt is on but it is far from fair. This is an action charged thriller about a couple of stockbrokers who are hunting very interesting prey.  Mr. Heads production company ‘History in the Making’ was at the helm of this project while Mr. Castrillo wrote and directed it. With Miguel Nunez Jr. (Juwanna Mann), Clifton Powell (Ray), Marcus D. Spencer (Everyday Black Man), Oscar nominated Eric Roberts (Runaway Train) and Golden Globe nominated Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan). This star studded cast worked alongside each other in triple digit heat in order to bring “Fair Chase” to life.

Mr. Spencer (Big Spence), Bay Area native came onto this project as one of the leads ‘Roland,’ a stockbroker who is all about making money and not necessarily just through Wall Street. Roland and some of the men at his brokerage firm form a special group, a sort of ‘guys club’. The men enjoy a good hunting session together.  This seems to be their sport of choice but what they are hunting you will have to watch to see.

After wrapping up filming on “Fair Chase”, Spencer is back in L.A. as he and his production company Touch The Heart Productions is set to release, “The American Dream” in selected theaters this December 2015.  Spencer is also set to film a currently untitled feature in the Central Valley (Fresno, CA).


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