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Cowboys Coach Addresses Dez Bryant’s Locker Room Rant (Video)

Dez Bryant
Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant in the locker room (Nov. 12, 2015)

*Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett is dealing with another situation involving Dez Bryant.

The wide receiver on Thursday lost his temper on locker room reporters — video of which has gone viral.

The prolonged rant was reportedly sparked by ESPN’s Jean-Jacques Taylor.

ESPN's Jean Jacques Taylor
ESPN’s Jean Jacques Taylor

Cowboys receiver Devin Street claimed that Taylor called him the N-word, which Taylor denied and other Cowboys officials said did not happen.

In his tirade, Bryant first yelled at the team’s Director of Public Relations, Rich Dalrymple, for not addressing the racial slur, saying, “How about y’all fix this s**t, Rich!”

“Well I’ll make sure I put it out there, since yall not gonna say nothing. I’mma make sure,” Dez continued. Looking into one of the media cameras, Dez yelled, “Jacques called Street a n**ga! I’mma post that on Twitter!”

Watch below:

After the media session was over Thursday, Bryant took to Twitter to explain his view on what happened inside the locker room and how he is being portrayed.

On Friday, Garrett said he addressed the issue with Bryant as well as the entire team. .

“I believe that 100 percent of our guys do things the right way about 98 percent of the time,” Garrett said. “What we need to do as coaches is to make sure they understand what the expectations are for their conduct and behavior on the field, their conduct and behavior off the field, and when they don’t do things the right way, we’re going to let them know.

“We’re going to get them back and hold them to that standard. That’s what the case was here. It’s certainly behind us. It was addressed directly with the individual involved, Dez, and also with our football team, and we’re going forward.”




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