Friday, August 19, 2022

Report: Geno Smith Taunted I.K. Enemkpali Before Punch

New York Jets linebacker IK Enemkpali #51
Former New York Jets linebacker IK Enemkpali #51

*More details are surfacing regarding the so-called sucker punch of New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith.

Wednesday morning, former NFL player and current ESPN analyst Ryan Clark shared what he knew about the incident on the network’s “Mike & Mike.” Turns out, it wasn’t a sucker punch. Per Clark, Smith was taunting I.K. Enemkpali about the money he owed, and I.K. responded.

As previously reported, the fight revolved around a $600 plane ticket purchased by Enemkpali for Geno Smith to attend his football camp. Smith ended up bailing on the trip because a family friend died in a motorcycle accident.

According to Clark, Smith was being “smug” about repaying Enemkpali:

“It was over flights and over camps not attended and not necessarily the fact that he didn’t go, because he understood the reason, but I’ve dealt with I.K. a lot. This guy is really tight about money, he really is. So whereas I’ve seen other players have this happen and kind of just move on from it, he couldn’t. And you know, a lot of people are saying you don’t punch a guy over that amount of money. It became about the fact that Geno wasn’t necessarily apologetic and being in a way remorseful about the money when saying he was going to pay I.K. back. You know, he didn’t, and he was rather smug about it. So these guys got into it earlier in camp about this money.”

Clark also said Geno was not sucker punched:

“My report says Geno put his finger in his face and told the guy, well, you’re not going to do anything about it.”

Additionally, Clark said Smith and I.K. had done this song and dance before:

“This wasn’t the first time they had an issue over this same situation and nothing came from it the first time. You know, the first time they got into an argument, you know, words were said, disrespect thrown both ways, both guys separate and walk away. So when you have that situation happen one time, I’m sure a lot of people weren’t expecting it to get where it’s gone.”

Watch the entire interview, below.




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