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L.Michelle Salvant: The Faith to Move Forward

Happy August/Quick Disclaimer

So…apparently the way I thought these columns would come together and the way they are actually taking shape are two totally different things.

In short…I’ve found, the traditional Subject/Reporter interview set-up was just not working when it came to these types of Stories.  Instead, normal, everyday Life exchanges/conversations seem to be the best way to get what we needed.

So here’s the deal.  All of these columns will be true stories, based on my Real Life exchanges with Real People. All of the people will be made aware that their conversation will be used as a basis for one of these columns.

For those who want to tell the world…”It Was Me”…she was talking about…so be it.

For those, who don’t, we wont.  These days, I understand, authentic content is way more valuable than the “spotlight,” so I will take what I can get.

So here goes!


(The Pasta that started it all)

The Faith To Move Forward

It had been about three, four or maybe even five years since we had a real conversation…woman to woman.  She was someone, who I worked very closely with at a previous church.  She was a sister of sorts, who I was definitely there during many of the milestones in her life, most notably, her marriage to another good friend in Ministry at the time.  That was 10-years ago though and the last I heard, she had recently gotten divorced.

Yet another reason why I thought meeting now would definitely be awkward and certainly not lead to a Story of Faith.  I was wrong.  As she greeted me with a huge smile, and an even larger gift bag full of baby gifts(I was the one married and 7-months pregnant now)…I knew something was very special about this moment.  We laughed, we talked, and as the server brought my Pasta…her authentic Faith began to take center stage.  She began to talk about her divorce.

Now, let me say this, when it comes to divorce and the Christian Faith, the Bible is clear that this is not the route to take.  So, why did she seem happier, brighter, back to her joyful self again.  I’m usually pretty good at picking up at what’s really going on beyond the surface, and honestly all I could feel was a sense of peace.  Why, because she was at peace…something I felt all the more as her Faith began to tell the Story of what it truly means to trust God to “Move Forward!”  She revealed, for years, before her actual divorce, she knew the marriage was over.  She calls it a case of being “emotionally abandoned,” and unfortunately a spouse unwilling to return.  Still, her mind was to stay and also to pray for God’s will to be done.

Ideally, a turnaround in the marriage would have made for a better “Christian Story,” but for this Believer…Her “Story of Faith” would surround her Faith/Confidence in God to “Move Forward” at the appointed time.  And that moment came, she did move forward and was ok with it.  Realistically, she admits, divorce felt much like a death in the family, one which took her a couple of years to heal and reach a real place of peace.

The difference for her though, versus a person responding just to their emotions at the time, was she waited on instructions from God to move forward…and kept hearing from Him and obeying Him every step of the way thereafter.  After all, true Faith is not walking by what we see, but what we know of God, and what He impresses upon our hearts to do at the time.  As our lunch came to a

close, I told her that I would have to find a way to write about this.  She gave me the ok…and wanted to be sure to add that she believes she will be married again.  “I know God has someone out there just for me,” she said.  Excitedly, I replied…and this time, it will be for keeps!

We both laughed and agreed:)

~The Faith to Move Forward~


About L.Michelle Salvant
L.Michelle Salvant is a Christian Lifestyle Blogger whose columns have been featured in publications across the United States..  A 17- Year Media Veteran, Michelle owns an Online Media Company/Institute and serves as Senior Aide/Media Director for Life In The Now Ministries in Tallahassee, FL.  She is happily married to SGT. Christopher King Salvant and is expecting her first child.

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L.Michelle Salvant is a Christian Lifestyle Blogger who started writing the Stories of Faith column back in 2004. A 19-Year Media Veteran, with a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism, L.Michelle owns an Online Media Company/Institute which specializes in “A New Type Of Storytelling” which includes Social Storytelling, Capturing Stories through 360 Photos and Presenting Stories through Virtual Reality. Outside of Media, L.Michelle also serves as a Ministry leader at Higher Dimension Church Tallahassee, FL She is happily married to SGT.Christopher King Salvant Sr, and they have one son, Christopher King Salvant, Jr. “Peek” L.Michelle resides in Tallahassee,



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