Saturday, November 27, 2021

Bobby Brown Vows ‘Justice’ Over Bobbi Kristina’s Leaked Hospice Pic (Watch)

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*Bobbi Kristina Brown’s father, Bobby Brown, will pursue the person who allegedly took a picture of his daughter in her bed at a hospice care in Georgia, TMZ reported.

According to reports, an “extended family member” is trying to sell the photo to media outlets for over $100,000. The Browns and the Houstons have been at the 22-year-old’s bedside since she was admitted to the Peachtree Christian Hospice in mid-June.

“I’m just looking to get justice,” Brown told TMZ outside LAX on Sunday, when asked if he would “possibly sue” the person responsible for circulating the picture.

Brown also said that he supported his sister Leolah Brown for speaking out against the photo and slamming the person responsible for trying to profit from Bobbi Kristina’s condition.

Watch below:

Security outside the hospice care has reportedly increased since reports of the photo surfaced Friday, reports Radar Online. “No one is allowed to bring any cameras or cellphones into her room,” a source told the website.

“Everyone has to check their purses or bags at the nurse’s station.” The family “is in lock down mode,” as they are struggling to come to terms with Bobbi Kristina’s deteriorating condition, according to the source.

“All anyone wants to do is protect Krissy. She deserves her privacy at this time and who knows what any of the family members would do. There have been so many money struggles that they’re not taking any chances with her being exploited in this state,” the source told Radar Online.

Brown, who performed in Atlanta on the Fourth of July, was “having trouble focusing” and apologized to the audience for “forgetting lyrics and dance moves.”

Last week, reports claimed that the family is making preparations for Bobbi Kristina’s funeral and that her body “could be placed atop Whitney’s coffin,” allowing the two to be “together into eternity.”



  1. Once you make your private life public, and invite the world in for profit, it’s becomes almost impossible to draw a line when you want it to become private again. #becarefulwhatyouaskfor

    • That’s a little bit true. As an artist your work place is open to the public. You drop that mic and wash your face, show over. A little PR is expected. But NOT from family taking a picture of you in a coma on your death. Nobody deserve that. Nobody signs up for that…,

      • Actually, that is exactly what they signed up for. They made the decision to make their lives into a “reality” show for entertainment. Death is a naturally occurring part of life. So, this is just another segment of the show.


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