Thursday, October 6, 2022

Frank Ocean’s Poor Father Barely Survives Off of Disability Check

frank ocean

*Frank Ocean has definitely made a name for himself as a popular and critically-acclaimed music artist and for breaking down barriers as an openly gay black man in hip hop. But his father hasn’t been able to reap any benefits of his success.

According to, Ocean’s father, Calvin Cooksey, is living near the poverty line and has only one means of surviving.

Last year, Cooksey filled a lawsuit for $142 million against Russell Simmons claiming he defamed his name by calling him a deadbeat dad on Simmons’ entertainment news website, Global Grind.

Ocean’s father claimed Simmons’s website falsely portrayed him as a deadbeat father when in reality he hadn’t seen Ocean since he was five because of his money-hungry mother.

Cooksey claimed he lost future income because of the accusations published on Global Grind that he said were untrue — filing suit for the damages caused.

Now he’s claiming in his latest filed documents that he is broke and living near the poverty line. He says he is so broke he can’t pay the court costs.

Cooksey wants the court to waiver the court costs for him since he is unemployed. He only receives a social security disability check of  $789.66 a month. Currently, his rent takes away $550 of the check.



  1. He probably didn’t support him son in more ways than money. . .. People don’t just write off family, unless they’ve been f-d over pretty good.

      • Calvin I know you from L.A. back in the 80s boy and you still around? Don’t know why they making you look like a bad father. You was taking chances to take care of Ocean back when he was a kid black!
        But, shouldn’t you be speaking on where you been and how you got fucked over by the homies, the state and family members?
        Your sons a punk ass for lying on you, but his mother must be getting you back for some shit you done cause this is crazy real!

        Alright blood!

  2. If I’m all the shit my son said, tell me why are they avoiding the issue?
    Ya some noses dumb fucks!

  3. Anyone can post comments on this blog. Calvin grew up poor and if not for the state of California and DIRTY backstabbing ass people he would live in poverty. He’s still alive so watch your backs botched!!!

  4. Frank Oceans a manipulating liar and why have anyone responded since Calvin can out to deny living his son?

    In this fake ass website reporting shit but haven’t contacted Frank’s father at all!
    But, Frank and Russell are behind this story. Millions of Americans are of disability did income, and Calvin is the reason Frank’s a success. Did you know that Frank’s mom stole everything when she kidnapped Frank and hid Frank from his father.

    Fuck this one-sided ass story!


    Go call your father little bitch!

    • Youre the only bitch for saying something so ignorant. I think he knows if HIS OWN FATHER walked out on him or not. Talk about shit you know.

      • Tammy, your wrong…but Frank put this out there so your entitled to your opinion…FRANK LIED!!!
        He didn’t want his dad to make his file PART OF THE GAME, cause Frank’s in the movie…smartie pants!

  5. Calvin is clearly a loser and a deadbeat. Poor, not wanting to get a job, and now he is standing with his hands out when his son made something of himself. Sad excuse for a “father” you are Calvin, Hope you never see a penny of his money!

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