Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Fox News Signs MLK Jr.’s Niece, Alveda King, As a Contributor

alveda king

*Fox News’ newest contributor carries a bit more historical weight than others.

In a press release issued Friday (March 6), the network announced they have signed the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s niece, Dr. Alveda King, to “provide social and cultural commentary across FNC’s daytime and primetime programming.”

Known for her conservative views, King has appeared on Fox News previously. In 2010 she appeared as a featured speaker for Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally. The 64-year-old King also lent her support to Herman Cain’s presidential run, saying that Cain, a black Republican, has shown himself to be a leader.

In addition, King voiced her opinion of black supporters of President Barack Obama by claiming that many of them voted for Obama “based on skin color.” Regarding pro-life, King made her views known when she called racism and abortion evil twins in an op-ed she penned for the Washington Times.

“Alveda has brilliantly carried the legacy of the King family to the next generation and has been a source of inspiration for many Americans,” Fox News chairman Roger Ailes said in a statement via Mediaite.com. “Her passion and mission for social change will be a valuable contribution to our network.”



  1. Fox always signs up Black folk to dog other Black folk; especially the Paresident. Who really cares what she thinks. she’s not Dr. King; she’s his neice. they just want to use her last name.

  2. Again I’m shocked and dismayed by this self-loathing black republican. I say self-loathing because why else would a person involve themselves with a group that does not like them, in fact hate them. My proof you say, the right wing/teabaggers have called our president every racist expletive possible, and have demonstrated their vile contempt for this president at every opportunity. The republican lawmakers, both the house and the senate pose no objection to these disparaging remarks. To remain silent is consent, as for as I’m concern. Like most blacks that join the republican fraternity are being used in an effort to recruit black voters. It reminds me of the Uncle Tom’s during slavery. We he/she runs and tells the massa, “massa, old Joe is gon run tonite.” In hopes of a favor from the white massa, which is usually an extra piece of meat, in exchange for someone running for freedom. The irony is, just like the slave who snitches on his comrade for a small token, the black republicans think that they are exempt from the racist vitriol spewed by their white counterparts behind closed doors. When Alveda King said that she thought Herman Cain would have made a great leader, and aliens herself with the hateful rhetoric from the republican party, what a let down. I guess the republicans feel that having a celebrity named black person will give them credibility, well this is one African American that says, her credibility is -0, and probably shot with most African Americans.

  3. Where did THIS bitch come from?? She’s just another white man’s lackey!! Has she NO SHAME?? She’s trying to capitalize off the King name to make money from the blatant racists at FOX no less??? She has a PhD, and can’t see that they are USING her stupid ass?? This 2nd generation of the King family is absolutely disgusting!!! Dexter and Martin III want to sell their Father’s Bible and Nobel Peace Prize statue??? They have absolutely NO pride in who their father was, and what he stood for!! I just know Dr King and Coretta are rolling in their graves!! WHEN will we as Black people learn to have PRIDE in our Blackness??? Probably not in MY life time!!!

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