Saturday, May 28, 2022

Walmart Cat Fight! Employee & Customer ‘Come to Blows’ on Camera (Watch!)

Jackson Hewitt and Walmart fight between women

*A Jackson Hewitt tax rep got into an argument with a customer at a store in Deer Park, and it came to blows.

And you know it was caught on camera, don’tcha?

Now the video is making its rounds on social media. The video shows a tax rep from Jackson Hewitt fighting with a customer inside a Walmart.

“Take your poor (expletive) out this store,” the Jackson Hewitt tax worker could be heard saying to a customer on video. “Your momma is a (expletive).”

The customer, Jessica Albitz, is then seen head butting the tax worker, Alice Keener. Keener fights back, and at one point, even takes Albitz by the head and starts banging it on a nearby table before slamming the woman to the floor.

Read more and watch the video at EURThisNthat.



  1. Is it bad that I kept hitting replay (until it stopped letting me replay it).
    At first I was like “wth.” But then I had to chuckle. And something about head butting (I’ll leave it at that). Then the black lady ruined the $2.99 table with that lady’s head. Then that white lady come over in her calm and helpless voice talking ’bout “ladies stop. ladies stop. pleeease. ladies stop.” Lol…. what a mess. That black lady no longer has that job. Hope she had a backup plan.

  2. Damn… Baby took the bait.

    Crazy hillbillies are notorious for staring sh-t when you’re on your gig.

    But knocking their asses out for doing so played out in 1976.

    I don’t care what these hillbillies say, think or do, don’t let them mess up your personal economy or jeopardize your freedom. Most of the times that is their sole intent.

    Laugh at their stupid asses, and walk. Better yet, don’t say a damn thing to them. That way you’re showing them that they don’t own you, and that you have control. They’ll stand there looking like the ass holes that they really are.

    This is going to be messy for the sister, even though she was assaulted first… Damn…

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