Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Former Michael Jackson Manager Wanted to ‘Kidnap’ him to Save him?


*Michael Jackson‘s former manager Ron Weisner tried to kidnap him?

Well, supposedly his manager did! He wanted to save MJ from the drugs he was consuming and the money he was being showered with by the Bahraini royalty.

In his book, “Listen Out Loud,” Weisner detailed MJ’s addiction to painkillers after a Pepsi ad accident that resulted in his hair catching on fire.

“There were other people in Michael’s life who attempted interventions, none of whom came close to helping,” Weisner revealed.

He even told MJ’s sister La Toya Jackson his plan of kidnapping him.

“I’d snatch him. I’d get some people to grab him, take him to some rehab facility in the middle of nowhere,” Weisner told her.

By 2006 his addiction worsened  “so badly that he escaped to Bahrain” where two princes gave him money and drugs, according to Weisner. 

He discussed kidnapping MJ multiple times with his sister who pleaded with him not to go through with it.

“That’s exactly what this was, a kidnapping,” he said. “[He was on] the other side of the world,” he said.

The kidnapping would have involved a plane, rehab facility, a team and too much money.

“In retrospect, it was probably for the best . . .  as one of my attorneys pointed out,” Weisner admitted. “There was little question that [the law] would view this as a kidnapping rather than an attempt to help a colleague.”

Nevertheless, right before MJ passed in 2009, Weisner met up with him.

“He hadn’t looked really healthy for a good long while, but this was a whole other level,” he wrote. “I thought . . . ‘He looks like a goddamn prisoner of war’ . . . He had that look in his eyes . . . a look of resignation, a look that said, ‘It’s over,’ and it broke my heart.”




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