Sunday, October 2, 2022

RHOA: NeNe Calls Claudia ‘Half-Breed’ in Heated Exchange (Watch)


*Things got racial on Sunday night’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

After Claudia Jordan finally showed viewers her jacked-up feet she’d been hiding, she got into it with NeNe Leakes, who at one point mocked Claudia’s biracial background by calling her a “half-breed,” reports Radar Online.

As the episode began, Jordan visited a foot surgeon, telling the cameras that because of playing sports, she suffers “from a very serious problem that affects a lot of women out there” and has “wreaked havoc on [her] feet.”

Jordan said her toes are “disgusting” and “look like snowcapped mountains.”

Kenya Moore screamed when she saw the Hammertime on Jordan’s feet, complete with corns and a bunion on one foot.

Dr. Jason Morris suggested a surgical boot for the former “Price is Right” hostess.

Meanwhile, the feud between Jordan, 41, and Leakes, 47, which boiled over during a housewives’ trip to Puerto Rico. The two got into a heated fight, with Leakes saying Jordan had slept with many men.

For her part, Jordan called Leakes “the puppet master.”

“You wish you had what I have in the bank, darling,” said Leakes, author of the phrase, “I’m rich, b*tch!”

Jordan said she’d worked for 17 years and didn’t “have to get on a pole” — a brash dig at Leakes’ admitted stripper past.

Leakes sneered, “You filed [for] bankruptcy, girl.”

“I’ve never been arrested,” Jordan pointed out to Leakes, whose mug shots have been well-circulated.

Leakes admitted, “I was arrested in my 20s, when I was in college,” and added, “I was a stripper and I liked it. That was 20 years ago.”

Leakes charged that Jordan had been “f*cked by everybody in Hollywood” and called her a “half-breed.”

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  1. That’s funny because Nene (change the name too boo) looks like a a half breed with that stupid blonde wig on. I think she has really lost her mind and thinks that her stuff really doesn’t stink at all. She has let that little bit of fame go to her ridiculous looking head. She needs to leave all the ladies alone and kick her stylists’ ass for continuing to let her go out in public, on tv no doubt with those very bad looking blonde wigs. So not only does she look like an ass on the outside, she is a bigger ass on the inside for continuing to act like an immature bully. Nene you are too old to be acting like that. Get a clue B!!

  2. That girl got I something that want her business for extra camera time and called NeNe a “B”. She got as good as she gave. She’s alright.

  3. There was a time when I would have been embarrassed by this mess just because it’s all black women who were suppose to represent – but I can’t own this BS! The entire show is foul! That clip was catty and completely immature. Two grown black women in their mid 40’s sitting on national television tossing cheap jokes at each other just for the sake of it. Really?

  4. Leakes is the veteran on the show she and whoever came up with rhoa now Claudia, Cynthia, Kenya there whole conversation is Leakes from what I see they are there trying to make money just like the rest of the cast. Those 3 women trying to put themselves out here just like Leakes by any means necessary no matter what type of education they have all are doing the same thing.

  5. So what Leakes call Claudia half breed, Claudia talk about Leakes hair, husband,education can’t sit anything not expect a person to respond.

  6. If she a half breed, what’s the problem? Claudia didn’t just find that out last night. Cynthia, Kenya and Claydia had that worked up before NeNe ever got to the table. Claudia just did what they really wanted to do! Both was disrespectful so they are grown old ass women making money. Get over it!!! Next

  7. Nene has gotten to the point of acting and looking like a total ass, she’s to old to act like a child. Claudia was speaking up for the host of the trip Demetria, because Phaedra, Nene, and brainless Porcha were be very disrespectful. If someone paid for me to go on a trip I would have shown appreciation and not disrespected them. Phaedra commented on the way the women dressed, and said she was to old to want to be a pop singer. Nene complained about her room being to small and idiot Porcha laughed and their ignorant antics. That was just rude and childish especially for women 40 and older. IF nene get anymore plastic surgery on her nose it may fall off.

  8. Really NeNe?!, you are on my last nerve. You need to check yourself before you wreck yourself! Fame has gone to your head and I think you need to remember that we are all human and you are above no one….this pompous attitude is so bad and does not look good on you…your fame should be a positive and not a negative, quit throwing it up in peoples faces, you are looking ridiculous! ….sad really sad!

  9. Claudia (The half breed), Kenya (The attention seeking nut), and Cynthia ( Peter Puppet) Nene, have been there story line so they can keep working. They makes ugly statement about Nene
    simply because they would like to be her.

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