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A Guide to Preparing for an Upcoming Exam

*We’ve all been in that anxiety place when it came to preparing for an upcoming exam. Everyone expects great results from you, you expect to pass well, and all this only adds pressure. But you must have had exams before and you will have exams after this one. So, it’s time to develop an algorithm […]

The Top 5 Student Loan Issues Every College Grad Can Agree On

*Federal student loan debt has crossed $1.5 trillion mark, while student loans from private sources currently stand at another $119 billion. Students in the US have it pretty rough, right? Imagine the plight of an African-American student. Studies reveal that black students accrue 85% more of this debt than their white friends. Given their lower […]

NBA’s Derrick Rose Launches ‘Rose Scholars’ College Scholarship Fund

*Minnesota Timberwolves guard Derrick Rose has started a college scholarship program that plans to award more than $400,000 in tuition money and focus “on students who are civically minded and demonstrate a willingness to lead,” according to a news release. Two days after LeBron James opened a school for at-risk kids in his hometown of […]

Chance the Rapper, to Deliver College Commencement Speeches

[videowaywire video_id=”24740D7D41886EE5″] *Chance the Rapper and have been tapped by separate universities to deliver words of wisdom for their 2018 commencement ceremonies. Dillard University in New Orleans has recruited Chance to inspire more than 200 graduates at its 82nd Commencement ceremonies, to be held Saturday, May 12, at 8 a.m. on the campus’ historic […]

North Carolina A&T State Tops List of Best HBCUs with Online Programs

*The website has ranked the top 20 best online programs among Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Based on the quality of education and flexibility, North Carolina A&T State University topped the list, with the site noting its “incredible quality of education” and “degree programs that are offered fully online and in an asynchronous format, […]

The Socialist’s Journal: Consent Forms

*The most recent development on college campuses is folks using forms to affirm their consent to sex. Proponents of these sorts of forms argue that it will lead to many fewer cases of misunderstanding in terms of one person thinking the other was okay with sexual activity. Opponent of these sorts of forms argue that […]

Millennials Are Crippled by Student Loan Debt, and It’s Not Going Away

*U.S. student loan debt has reached $1.3 trillion dollars, a figure that surpasses every type of consumer debt besides mortgage payments, and at the brunt end of this sad statistic are Millennials. If that $1.3 trillion was divided evenly among the entire American population, every person would still have $3,800 of debt for only student […]